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  1. Dear Falke Pilots, here is a quick manual to start up the engine of the Falke: 1. If oil is cold - parking brake set - fuel valve on - cowl flaps - closed - main switch on - ignition on - choke on - throttle - 25%-50% - engine startup button (play with the throttle until it's starting) Warm the engine on 1200-1500 RPM. When the oil temperature is reaching 45-50C, you can close the choke. If you do it before, the engine may quit. 2. If oil is warm: follow the same sequance above, but without the choke. The use of the choke is the same in case of an air-start or windmill start. Don't try to take-off with oil temperature below 70C as stated in the POM, as the engine will not produce enough power to lift off! regards, Peter