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  1. Andrew Urbanczyk

    I wanna go NYOOOOM

    Hello! Me and my friends have recently gotten into some sick Jet fighter action. Any personal recommendations from anyone that I could see? One friend is using the Milviz F-86 Sabre, and the other the T38 Talon. I'm honestly looking for anything jet and fighter. Let me know! Best, Andrew
  2. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Small plane, big job ahead.

    I mean, yeah it would be nice but I know there are pretty good things out there, just below. If you have any ideas of something that could fly around 2000 nmi in one go let me know.
  3. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Small plane, big job ahead.

    Pfft. That's weak. I mean yeah I could do that, but then what's the fun? I will obviously have to land somewhere. Just trying to go as far at one time as possible.
  4. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Small plane, big job ahead.

    Hello, I am looking to cross the atlantic in a cessna 310 esc aircraft. Obviously it can be different, but something small would be the best. I would like to know what you guys think would be best. I need MAXIMUM range possible. I mean like GIANT aMaZiNg range here. Comment below if you got any ideas 😉
  5. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

  6. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

    The plane looks gray in the RM. I use the default preset. Dynamic Reflections are off. Let me know what to change.
  7. Andrew Urbanczyk

    PTA doing weird ****

    Hello, I've ran into some issues with PTA. It creates some sort of brown fog, and makes all lights do some sort of white artifacting. Images below. Only started happening after I installed ORBX TrueEarth Netherlands. ANY advice requested. Please! Best, Andrew
  8. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomato Shade Chrome Sausage and spooky grass

    I did that, though
  9. Hey guys. I cannot figure out how to close a topic, but I would rather put this in a new one. I've gotten TS working, but my planes look like giant chrome sausages. They are UBER shiny. I also have this really weird effect at nightime causing some sort of spooky grass to come on my screen. It is faint, but it moves with my camera and is even more visible in the cockpit. . Pictures attached. Anyone know a fix? Best, Andrew
  10. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomatoshade help

    Above message^
  11. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomatoshade help

    I did that and low and behold that I am missing a backup for the one that I'm having an issue with. GPUterrain.fx. Great. Any advice?
  12. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Tomatoshade help

    Hello, I am trying to get TomatoShade working, but I am getting an error. The Error is "Shader integrity invalid for *****" I will post my log lower down. Does anyone know what causes this? Since I am here, if y'all have any really good presets y'all know add that at the bottom. Would be great. Thanks, Andrew Log: P3D folder found P3D shader cache folder found Backup found for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl - skipping copy Backup found for GPUTerrain.fx - skipping copy Backup found for GPUTerrain.fxh - skipping copy Backup found for General.fx - skipping copy Backup found for FuncLibrary.fxh - skipping copy Backup found for Cloud.fx - skipping copy Backup found for ParticleDraw.fx - skipping copy Backup found for Shadow.fxh - skipping copy Backup found for Stars.fx - skipping copy Backup found for PrecipParticle.fx - skipping copy Shader backups created Shader integrity valid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx Shader integrity valid for GPUTerrain.fxh Shader integrity invalid for General.fx Shader integrity invalid for FuncLibrary.fxh Shader integrity invalid for Cloud.fx Shader integrity valid for ParticleDraw.fx Shader integrity valid for Shadow.fxh Shader integrity valid for Stars.fx Shader integrity valid for PrecipParticle.fx Shader integrity tested
  13. Andrew Urbanczyk


    Hello, I am a P3D player, but I own a copy of X-Plane 11 and want to get into Helos. I asked in the P3D forums and they told me to come to the blue team. What sort of helicopters do you guys recommend? I really dont use X-Plane a lot so if you have any essential addons I should get on top of that it would be really helpful. Thanks, Andrew
  14. Andrew Urbanczyk


    Hello!!!! Looking for a high quality Helo. Best way to shop in my mind is from others opinions, so let me know what you're favorite helicopters are. Looking more for civilian Helos, but if its really good then add it anyways. I don't mind ones that have more aged looks, as long as the flight dynamics hold up. Best, Andrew
  15. Andrew Urbanczyk

    Twin Turboprop (Not Carenado)

    I wanted to get the shape of the plane in mind. Something small like that. I am aware it isn't a turboprop