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  1. Quick question...... Since you guys knew about the moonlight lighting........ Do you know which setting controls how bright the ground illuminates from the airplane taxi or landing lights ? Was wondering if there was an adjustment for this ?
  2. Awesome, thanks Gerard !! It looks great in my sim !
  3. Thanks again. This definitely was the issue. But in the end I went with Gerard's preset and it also fixed it this issue.
  4. Hey Gerard, I tried your preset and it definitely fixed the issue. It looks like it was the Ambient Moon setting and maybe a combination of some of the other settings. But overall your preset is working great as it improves on the Thopat preset. Thanks again !!
  5. I will download version 10 of your preset and give it a shot. I will let you know how it goes.........
  6. Cool, will give that a try. Thanks !!
  7. Hey Gerard, Thanks for responding ! The brightness/contrast settings in P3D are set to. Brightness: 1.00 Bloom: 0.30 Saturation: 0.80 This was recommended by the Thopat preset instructions. Do you think lowering any of these will help ? Otherwise, I will try another preset. Any other you highly recommend ? I really like the way Thopat looks in the day. It looks awesome. So any other presets you recommend that is close to that quality would be great. I will then also try it at night to see if the ground is lit up like that.
  8. Below is some pictures as an example as to what's happening. Is there any PTA settings to reduce this effect ?
  9. I am currently using the latest thopat preset. I absolutely love it except for some reason the ground is all lit up at night around my plane. Maybe a few mile radius around the plane is lit. I have pictures to show what I mean, but for some reason I am not able to post them. Is there any way to adjust this in PTA ? Any help is appreciated. Thanks !!!