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  1. Yep, I find no results with that option
  2. Hey, has anyone experienced the in-sim mouse pointer being a bit "laggy" when using Lossless Scaling?
  3. Hey, if you installed your simulator a long time ago, it was installed on a locked folder and you can't modify those files. Some time ago Asobo started installing all simulators on the C:/XboxGames folder, which is a folder you can modify. To avoid uninstalling all the simulator follow this steps: - Open XBOX app. Install it thru the MS Store if you don't have it. - Log in - Right click on Microsoft Flight Simulator and select "Manage" - On the General settings, select Enable, under the Advanced management features: - This will move all your files to the C:/XboxGames folder. No files are lost.
  4. Hi all, I've recently built a frankestein low-end PC for my 2nd residence with some PC pieces I had from my old PCs. It's not the best PC, but at least it runs MSFS. I can fly GA airplanes at ~35 fps but on airliners (such as Fenix A320, FBW A32NX or PMDG 737) I only get 15-20fps. Do you guys know some MSFS settings configuration I can tweak to gain a few FPS (at least 25, to be flyable)? PC Specs: Intel i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz GTX 1050Ti 4GB 8GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz 500GB SSD
  5. Hi gents, Over the last few days, I´ve been testing and flying with the new P3D version, I´ve experienced some stutters. After investigating a bit more, I´ve realized that the stutters are happening when: 1. I press shift Z (I think this is identified and I´ve read about this in some Forums...) 2. When I press the brakes, either if I press the joystick button I´ve assigned to brake either I press the parking brake on the airplane (PMDG 737, for example). I think it is directly related with the SHIFT Z issue becouse when I press the parking brake button on the airplane, for example, the text that appears if I press SHIFT Z, appears for a while, and then it disappears. Has anyone been experiencing this issue(s) too?
  6. Hola a todos, recientemente me he pasado de P3D a FSX y me ha ocurrido un problema con la P28R de JustFlight. Cuando quiero poner el trim para despegar, no me deja, no me da la opción. Un saludo.
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