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  1. In my pinion MSFS is CURRENTLY mostly ahead on visuals only. Nice and lots of Autogen. I like the fact that almost every building is presented in a good way. Nice PBR as well! Stunning looking Atmospherics and at least the flight dynamics SEEM to behave more accuratly (JUST FEELS. like it....I am NOT saying it is better or realistic). And what else? Well........I don´t recall anything else is giving me the "hint" to jump into it. No VR at the moment Bad LOD...that COULD be also a problem within VR as in VR you are seeing everything "nearer and bigger" No better FPS, not even close (but smoother I have to admit) No enhanced Airport ground services at the moment. GSX has lots of functions and also good partnerships with other products like FSLabs. No better ATC compared to P3D at the moment No Airliners at the moment No good way of saving and loading stored flights INCL. panelstates Lacking UI. I am still fiddeling a lot with it. not the visual looks, but the functionallity. If I set my cursor with one click in the Airport search field.....it does nothing. I have to click again. If i want just to change the airport......back to main menu and start again. If I want just change a plane to test and try something within different planes....back to main menu and start over again.....and I could go and on I am hoping for quick and good updates on MSFS to "enjoy it more". As a VR tubeliner-flyer not my product at the moment. Even not close. I probably have to wait another year to get what I currently already have in P3DV5 to fit my requirements. AND P3D is still updating and enhancing their product. Marcus
  2. Well Simbol. See it like this: We have a great P3D V5 plattform and also a lot of customer whishes! So, why not fully concentrate on P3D? I would love to see a lot of MSFS "simmers" coming back to "home" 😉 and enjoy what already is working in P3D. Of course P3D V5 has issues, even more of them. But if LM gets 5.1 out with a fully enhanced and implemented TrueSky EA (out of Beta) and some PBR issues fixed........flying in P3D V5 becomes more great as it already is. I came back to P3D after I tried 20 Hours MSFS.......MSFS has great visuals.......but a lot of missing things wich I need to anjoy it the way I love to fly (VR, LongHaul airliners, FSLabs/PMDG Prof Addons, Saving and Loading complete flights INCL: Panelstates, good Performance, Nice GSX functions to immerse much more.....and...and...and.....a great SDK with TONS of entries to take advantage of. As long as MSFS or 3.Parties within MSFS are not coming up with some prof. SDK and better Airliners......I will use MSFS from time to time to enjoy some visuals.....but that may be minute wise. P3D V5 is still my core and main sim for SIMULATING . I love your Addon! And I am always stunned how this one improved the overall looks. So I would love to see further improvings within P3D. I am still IN. Marcus
  3. Image P3D V5 on 10900K with HT on and AM I flew a FSLABS A321X with VR on at the moment the shot was taken. Above Greece ground going south to HESH. System specs Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.0.31.35253 Edition Windows 10 Home Version 2004 Installed on 20200501 OS Build 19041.508 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0 Latest Nvidia Drivers i9 10900K @ 5.0 Ghz | HT ON | 1.32V | AffinityMask=87381 Mainboard ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490 32 GB RAM 3600 Mhz Corsair Vengeance | 4x8GB RTX Titan 24GB 32" Samsung UHD Monitor using 4k Custom Water Cooling | 2x 360MM | 1x 240MM Radiator HP Reverb v2 VR HMD | Steam VR Main Addons ASP3D | 7514 Open Beta ChasePlane | Via ORBX FSReborn Prof. GSX 2 FSUIPC6 AIGAIM | Latest Version SODE | Latest Version MultiCrewExperience | Latest Version Aerosoft Airbus A330 | Latest Version Aerosoft Airbus A320/321 | Latest Version PMDG 747/748 | Latest Version QW787 | Latest Version FSLABS A320X | Latest Version FSLABS A321X | Latest Version Navigraph Charts ORBX Base ORBX LC ORBX TE NL ORBX TE NCA ORBX Regions ORBX HD Buildings ORBX HD Trees V1 & V2 REALTURB | All Continents +200 Addon Aiports | via .xml method added
  4. Whats wrong with updating your products for P3DV5 as you already promissed more than months ago? Nothing secret about that. But promissing something like that and afterwards no deliverables but communication about brand new products and supporting a new sim....that is not my kind of business...... To me it seems like REX is having way to many projects and products ongoing. NONE of your products is compatible with P3D latest version....that is a pitty after a release months ago. Something is very wrong if you ask me. Marcus
  5. They are struggeling right now. I lost my trust in them. I wrote it often, their communications are a real mess. AXIS is wasted time as long as REX customers are not able to use compatible products. My feeling says REX shrunk to a couple of FTE DEVS and some do have already left the ship. Eliminate a support forum, most likely just to reduce costs, was a big mistake. Look at others. Support forums work as long as you manage the threads and spent time on maintaining them. But who at REX will do that.... if the HEADS of REX, the managing ones, do spent time on reading avsim and defending their politics instead of managing the company and lead your team. Lots of text.....nothing said.....like too often was the case. Marcus
  6. I am very curious wich reaction and reason REX this time will have on this. They seem to have a huge loss of trust from their customers. I find this kind of communication very remarkable and silly. A shame that the persons in lead are probably also self responsible for this. But why are they acting like this? Maybe the "REX-Crisis" startet much earlier as I expected. Good that Damian from hifi has more "managing-skills" and is much more responsive and quicker with his weather engine. I am very happy with hifi! Marcus
  7. It was promissed long long time ago for P3D (surely more then 6 months) and now it is coming first for MSFS (assuming here) and P3D is "parked". If that is the case, I am really asking myself if REX is caring about his existing customers. WeatheForce was promissed as an free update on REXSF3D and isn´t still here.......in P3D....but announced for MSFS...... The message from REX was: "We stopped/skipped all developments to rethink/redo the business case". The Facts SEEM to be a bit different: It seems they did not stop completely.....they shifted Development on MSFS products...otherwise they could not pronounce the weather force as "coming soon" (whatever that means on a time schedule). I had always a bad taste about there promisses and communications......as you can read in my prior posts. And I am asking myself if any weather addon in MSFS is really bringing something........(MSFS a really nice USP with his weather engine as soon as al issues are sorted out) Marcus
  8. Reed. Thanks for replying. I will watch the next 2 or 3 months if something is changing the way I would catch up the "REX Train" again. For now, it does seem to take way to much time. I really wish you al the best. I do not see anyone "ranting" here. IF you would read "between" the lines a lot of common sense can be recognized as well a lot of "hints" and "requirements" wich you COULD catch up, review and prioritize them, or "flush down the toilet" and let it be (as it was also the last 12 months). I have a "golden rule" for myself, as a business analyst (my profession), before "blaming" the customers step out of your own role and try to see, I mean really try to see (let all emotions out of sight), what your customer really wants. Make proposals and let them be a part of your ideas and development processes. Rather less products, less functions and smaller updates always does the trick. Regards, Marcus
  9. Exactly what I wrote too.....I think his reaction is really harming REX Products.
  10. You have my respect Reed. But you seem completely to miss my (or may I say OUR?) point. And I would be glad to help with Input. But the world between us is very big..... Why does Rex try to solve with explaining......instead of eliminating the core of your problem......merge or reduce the productline......take redundancy functions out and get rid of older products. Also, and THAT is obviously here, you are not a tiny little bit responding to advices and suggestions from existing customers. Your last response refers to topics most of us know. But THAT is not the solution. Really really not what I expected from REX. Marcus
  11. I also think it is. @rstough: I cant see the masses posting great pics and vids on channels like reddit, disc or ytube like >1 Year ago. As I see it, you need months to update your products......after months new version of P3D comes out again.....and again you need months.....issues never really get sorted out, promisses can not kept...like on REXEF. And than this creative update on REXSF was anounced more than a half year (or almost a year?) ago. Your basis sim is updated even faster. To much to handle and to less time to make less but therefore good quality products. How many questions did you have to answer over and over and over again about differences between rex ef and rex sf? How many questions about compatibility between your rex ef sf and toga or tomatoshade? Countless issues I saw on lots of forums. I would call it a big mess. And it must not be that complex. Why you do not eliminate all older rex products regarding weather textures and only keep rexsf? Eliminate rex ef as it seems not to be needed anymore. Neither for MSFS nor P3D. Make REX SF great again. New better high quality sky AND cloud textures for those who fly without P3D EA. Inject geographic based sky textures matched on place of flying so the skies match the location of flying a plane. Great feature in my eyes! Is rex airports really needed? I did not find it a good enhancement either. But that is my taste. Please stop defending yourself and better search the interaction with your cuatomers. No one needs a new weather engine as ASP3D is very good and wide spreaded. But again....I am out as I did have to wait way to long for updates......and if 6 months is not enough for rex to develop the updates....than you passed or missed time to market. Something seems wrong on YOUR product end. Customers are not willing to wait THAT long several times in line. Focus and quality counts. Less products with faster updates and great quality. My 2 cents. Marcus
  12. It is really hopeless to see how REX is battling his customers. As I have said....I am already out. But a little bit speechless I am.
  13. It seems that REX is keeping their way to go without changing anything to match the requirements customers have. A pitty in my eyes. I was a big REX Fan. But you lost me half the track. I wish you all the best. Regards Marcus
  14. Indeed! Because you choose a very confrontational way to post. Now you just have to deal with it. But you don't seem to understood what the real problem of your behavior is.
  15. I knew that something was wrong by only reading this topic title and than reading the topic itself with probably a small bug reported. That is really misleading and should not be tolerated. It upsets me seeing people acting like this and stating such nonsense. Marcus
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