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  1. Guys, I had server error yesterday, contacted support and they response with all servers are working, but today when I tried to activate, it tells me server error.
  2. Please the airport terminals not shown in p3d. I reset taxi layers and works( the taxi ways were not shown before I reset them). Can someone tell me how to reset building layers ? I use ADE and freeware airport.
  3. Please When I go to cockpit view the screen fliker . When I go outside view of the aircraft the screen Stop flikering . I have this problem with PMDG 777&737 .
  4. Thank you for supporting I solved the problem . There is an option in AMD called Motophoreial filter , I turn it off and Solved the problem . Thank you
  5. It is not depending at AA . I set all setting ULTRA and the 777 cockpit displays not showing high resolution texts even in CDU . I have radeon 530 on Lenovo Ideapad-320IKB.
  6. Please why the panel screens resolution are low in my pmdg 777 I set texture settings to high
  7. Please Can the weather radar in PMDG 777 and 737 works with FSUIPC weather ? The weather radar not work with default weather of the sim .
  8. Please I want to know what is affinity mask and how it works ? How can I set it for p3d ? My specs: Intel core I5-8250U Boost 3.3 Ghz. Stock lenovo ram 6 gb 2400Mhz Seagete 5400Rpm HDD AMD Radeon 530 . Boost 1.024Mhz. Windows 10 Home X64 Bit .
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