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  1. zeedoktor

    Weird manoeuvres on landing

    Are you saying the traffic was on the ground gathered at the OM (outer marker)? Can you give me a time and location so I can look it up?
  2. zeedoktor

    Weird manoeuvres on landing

    RT expires traffic when the last valid position timestamp is 60 seconds old. It is up to the client applications to deal with any logic that would expire them sooner, or stops painting them when the positions no longer update. If RT stops transmitting traffic that is no longer updating too soon, there's a chance much traffic in areas of sub-ideal coverage disappears prematurely, because often just one or two position updates (10 - 20s) are missing, then the traffic is back as another receiver picks up or they were just passing through a blind spot for the receiver that's feeding the data. All client applications I'm aware of interpolate the positions to provide smooth motion, and thus buffer 30s or longer before starting to paint traffic. There's only so much logic that can be handled on the RT servers I'm afraid. Also, something RT will never do is send interpolated or artificial position data. Every position data point you get is real, was sent by the aircraft, and is authentic. Note this is NOT the case for altitude, V/S, speed, track, callsign - those might just be repeats of already buffered data. This is because of how the feeder networks work, as well as due to some information not being transmitted in every data frame.
  3. zeedoktor

    ICAO code for A320 NEO

    A20N is correct. First time I saw one I thought of Antonov... :-) Note that Easyjet has a variety of callsigns, EZY (UK based), EJU (EU based), and EZS (Switzerland based). Consult the wiki for help on others as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airline_codes_(E)
  4. zeedoktor

    Real Traffic looses connection

    RealTraffic doesn't display position estimates or extrapolated positions, it only shows positions received by an ADS-B receiver. FR24 extrapolates up to 4 hours (depending your settings in the web interface), which leads to Fr24 not necessarily telling you the full truth about where an aircraft is.