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  1. I have similar situation here with 8600K. Core 0 100% but fslabs all cores around 45%. Were there any final Statements or resolutions here regarding OP.
  2. Are you all tweaking with FFTF so that you have autogen trbl?
  3. I went back to driver 397.93 but no test yet. Had good experience with that driver but on 4.3 and with a 1060. Now I have a 1080ti and 4.4. Will see.
  4. Had a bluescreen too today. CPU could not hold the 30hz vsync. I also changed the driver.
  5. Do you work with vsync on at 30hz?
  6. Why do you have vsync on and limited to 27?
  7. @ShezA: Why do you set internal limiter to 30? How about unlimited?
  8. I asked that several times. Why should ffts dynamic offer a setting of 0.01 if P3D can not handle it? This question is also valid for 0.02 and 0.03 and so on. Those figures can be Set in fftf dynamic.
  9. Some users say that FFTF is automatically set to 0.01 if fps limiter is set to unlimited. So everything confusing here. One is saying 0.10 is lowest possible, one is saying 0.01 automatically if FPS limiter unlimited. What to believe?
  10. I´m very interested in your Settings here guys and why.
  11. Very confused right now. Anybody out there Who gives a little short summary for a guy like me.
  12. Hi Ray, do you often switch between 30 and 60 hz. I am little bit afraid of it. Reason for switching is my wife got some problems with photoshop on 30 hz si I decide to switch do 60 hz in desktop mode and 30 when in P3d. Hope that these switches did not destroy monitor and or GPU in long term validation. Regards
  13. I bought Samsung U28E590D 2 Weeks ago. 1 connection hdmi 1.4 with 30 hz max. 1 connection hdmi 2.0 with 60 hz and 1 connection Display Port. Good monitor. For me it is working great.
  14. Hi guys, Once again I need your help. I made a huge upgrade and now the rig is working very well. 8600K OC 5.0ghz, 3600 mhz ram. 4k. But..... I have a GTX 1060 6GB AERO MSI OC. The card is performing good on 4k. But I See Medium quality in Cloud texture. So I'd live to upgrade GPU. Especially for 4K. Do I have to use a 1080ti or is also a 1080 enough for good quality. Need your experience in that case. I know the differences of both but not sure what I really need for 4K. Operate only one monitor. Thx in advance.
  15. Try driver 397.93 but remove actual driver before.
  16. Hdmi 1.4 Supports 30hz on 4k. Hdmi 2.0 supports 60hz or more on 4k
  17. Ok guys thx for all your answers. In Front of me is the fftf dynamic manual. IT says it Covers every aspect of User config. Then 4 examples are given.... Unlimit frames vsync on TB on Unlimit frames vsync on TB on plus ext limiter Unlimited frames vsync off TB off Locked frames For the last one the manual says that vsync and TB settings are ignored when you lock your frames. So I bought an 4k monitor which gives me the opportunity via hdmi 1.4 to do an Output of 30 hz. I do vsync and TB on in p3d and i have 30 fps. Regarding fftf dynamic want to use Option 1 of the 4 former described. But some users saying fftf is ignored when frames are Set unlimited. But why are 3 of 4 scenarios in the manual with unlimited frames if fftf in cfg is ignored?
  18. In my understanding it is opposite. In fftf dynamic Tutorial are 4 scenarios explained. One is unlimited fps together with vsync on and TB on. So that means to me that unlimited fps is Not a showstopper for fftf cfg entry. Where is the Information originally coming from? Or is it fake news....
  19. This is confusing. May be in 4.3. there are some corrections compared to 4.2 and earlier. I am asking because my goal is following... 4k 30hz monitor Vsync and TB on and unlimited frames Fftf dynamic 0.15 to 0.33 Want to keep fps 30 as long as poss
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