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  1. Hi guys,

    Once again I need your help. I made a huge upgrade and now the rig is working very well. 8600K OC 5.0ghz, 3600 mhz ram. 4k. But.....

    I have a GTX 1060 6GB AERO MSI OC. The card is performing good on 4k. But I See Medium quality in Cloud texture. 

    So I'd live to upgrade GPU. Especially for 4K. Do I have to use a 1080ti or is also a 1080 enough for good quality. Need your experience in that case. I know the differences of both but not sure what I really need for 4K. Operate only one monitor. Thx in advance. 

  2. Ok guys thx for all your answers. In Front of me is the fftf dynamic manual. IT says it Covers every aspect of User config. Then 4 examples are given....

    Unlimit frames vsync on TB on

    Unlimit frames vsync on TB on plus ext limiter

    Unlimited frames vsync off TB off

    Locked frames 

    For the last one the manual says that vsync and TB settings are ignored when you lock your frames.


    So I bought an 4k monitor which gives me the opportunity via hdmi 1.4 to do an Output of 30 hz. I do vsync and TB on in p3d and i have 30 fps. Regarding fftf dynamic want to use Option 1 of the 4 former described. 

    But some users saying fftf is ignored when frames are Set unlimited. But why are 3 of 4 scenarios in the manual with unlimited frames if fftf in cfg is ignored? 

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