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  1. In another Forum info was given that FFTF entry in cfg is not used if inside P3d 4.3 Frames are set to unlimited. I am wondering because especially FFTF dynamic is given one Scenario where FPS are set to unlimited but application is working. Any Infos from yourside?
  2. It also depends on the used Driver I think.
  3. Hi guys, many thanks by the way for your recommandations. Now i ve got 8600k with asus tuf z370 and ripjaws 3600 mhz and result is Stunning. Pushed the 8600k to 4.8 GHz. Stable. Nice. Now the Gpu is on 100%. Thx again.
  4. Catched that. Thx for help. Not sure if I really need HT for P3d. Budget is Not the point. Gaining is more important to me.
  5. Hi guys, Actually price difference here between 8600K and 8700K is 150 USD. Is it worth to spend that or is 8600K enough for P3d 4.3 operation? THanks in advance.
  6. Hi there, can someone give me a recommandation for a community cloud theme REX Skyforce 3D togeter with PTA preset from Matt Davies. THX
  7. You are allowed to perform an one eng out positioning flight.for 744 and 748. No need for special approvements if it is published in OM-A and OM-B. So why should it be an emergency. Emergency is loosing redundancy often. For 744 and 748 so it is two eng out.
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