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  1. I read the installation part in the SVS manual again and it says the following: "By default, aircraft doesn ́t have SVS installed. In order to install it you have run the “SVS.exe” file. Just double click on this file to install it. The “SVS.exe file is located at the following folder: Sim\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_C172SP_G1000" There is no folder or the SVS.exe in that directory or even on my hard drive. Im confused :(
  2. I only own the Phenom 300 + TBM850 + Phenom 300 Navigraph Extension + SVS. I wanted to unistall everything when a saw something strange in the windows unistall "program" It says I have the Carenado C172 SP G1000 installed ..., a DLC I do not own, therefore the Synthetic vision is missing. When I try to uninstall it, it gives me a directory where the suspicious exe is located, but when I go to that directory there is no "Carenado Installer Setup" inside. I´ve searched my entire HDD for an "Carenado C172 SP G1000" or a "SVS.exe" without any sucess (and yes, I enabled hidden folders and data). This is driving me crazy. Did carenado mess up their packeging? Otherwise I can not immagine why there is a C172 uninstaller without a real directory.
  3. Thanks for your help, but I still have no idea on what to do. They dont have the same issue that I have. And everything they suggested to do, I already did. I replied with my problem to the thread, maybe they know what to do. Thanks
  4. Hello avsim community :-) At first I’m new to this forum and english is not my native language. So please show mercy. :-) I have a problem with my fresh installed FSX, the Carenado Phenom 300, and the Carenado Synthetic Vision System. (these are the only DLC I have currently installed) When I load my flight I’m keep receiving an TER ERR message in my Garmin PFD. I read the SVS manual trouble shooting page and it says that when I receive this ERR, then the SVS is not installed or wongly configured and that I have to contact their support (which I did but haven’t got an answer yet). Firewall also allow the data traffic and the anti virus was disabled when I tried everything And as I said, I made a clean install of everything and also every drivers are up to date. Im running out of ideas on what could cause the problem. :-( Any ideas? It would make me happy :-) Specs: WIN 10 64Bit, GTX 980TI, I7 4790k, 16gb RAM, FSX SE
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