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  1. Don Emerson

    Release Party 747v2

    let's do it all we need is the new 747 and a few days to get up to speed. Chers, Don Emerson
  2. Don Emerson

    777 lost sound

    just installed 777 version 1.3 lost sound. the green line is showing my voice commands. when I press the sound check button nothing comes on. Everything worked before the update. I normallyhear ATC thru the speakers and use the mike on my usb headset.TO TALK. Any thoughts? Don Emerson
  3. Don Emerson

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Happy from Texas Don Emerson
  4. Don Emerson

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    just a super add to the team. Don Emerson
  5. Don Emerson

    installation problem

    I had to uninstall and reinstall my 777 . Now no copilot. Any help is appreciated, Don Emerson
  6. Don Emerson

    installation problem

    I had to uninstall and reinstall my 777 now no copilot. Any help is appreciated. Don Emerson
  7. Don Emerson

    Before and After the SP1C

    same problem here. autopilot dropped out on short final Don Emerson
  8. Don Emerson

    777 inn

    Thanks for the reply's I figured it out. Have a great day. Cheers, Don Emerson.
  9. Don Emerson

    777 inn

    Wen I go to accessories and select the fscopilot dropdown in has 3 selections for fsinn: inn miniCp, inn control panel and inn quit. Is this a holdover from the 737 copilot? You are confused so am I Don Emersom
  10. Don Emerson

    777 inn

    when I go to copilot it shows inn control panel as a selection . I do not use inn to fly. I use vpilot as my client.. in my previous 737 copilot I used fsinn but now I don't use inn. Don Emerson I Don Emerson
  11. Don Emerson

    no inn

    I have changed my client from fsinn to vpilot but FS2CREW still thinks I am running fsinn. Any help is appreciated Don Emerson
  12. Don Emerson

    777 inn

    I just installed the 777 product . I have changed my server connection from fsinn to vpilot. the program wants me to use inn. Any thoughts? Don Emersom
  13. Don Emerson

    777 Activation

    i had the same problem you need to enter the 777-200 activation key as well as the 777-300 activation key don Emerson
  14. Don Emerson


    thanks Carl Have a good day, Cheers,Don
  15. Don Emerson


    is there a setting that allows the altimeter to show both feet and meters at the same time? Don Emerson ?