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  1. Hey thanks, yeah seems like this has fixed the problem and stopped the crash. is this potentially a bug that is going to be patched too? KR
  2. also could you tell me why this is the case? are lockheed likely to be fixing whatever is causing this issue do you know?
  3. Hi there, This does fix the little sound bug, although for some reason the CTD still occurs when shutting down engines. any ideas? Kind regards
  4. Basically, the first thing is, I have noticed issues in P3Dv4.2 with sound, for example engage full throttle, then pull thrust to idle, then change between views and the sound resets back to that of full throttle again, even when thrust levers are closed.... and it's pretty annoying and i don't know how to make it stop and cannot seem to find anything online to help (just to clarify this is using the P3Dv4 standard views and not chaseplane etc...). when this happens (which is all the time), i then turn off engines and switch views and the problem persists, then suddenly CTD. the problem is detectable for me when in the passenger front wing/engine view. don't know what is causing this. i am using AS4 with this, but don't think this is the issue. addons: orbx global base pack AS4 747 QOTS 737ngx + expansion 777 + expansion Navigraph FMS data system spec: i7 5820k GTX1070 32GB RAM