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  1. zamakli


    I actually resolved the issue by using a legacy driver. i think its 382.05. Not sure what was causing it, but that driver seems to work ok. No need to update drivers just to have latest version. If it wasnt broke, no need to fix it. Bluestacks TextNow Photomath
  2. zamakli

    Windows 10

    As much as I as a Microsoft nerd love to get new stuff as often as possible without being higher risk like Insider builds. Tutuapp 9apps Aptoide.. I think you're completely right. There's not so much great new stuff in each feature release to really justify the stability risks of rushing such a fast cycle.
  3. zamakli

    add-ons for Fly!II mac

    When using the reset feature, your bookmarks, browsing history, open tabs, windows, passwords, cookies and web form auto-fill information will be saved. However, your extensions and themes will be removed and your preferences will be reset. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
  4. I don’t care if intel lives or dies (just like I dont care if some DVD maker lives or dies) but Apple should switch to custom ARM processors on Macs as soon as technically possible. My hope then is that the Mac line will get frequent annual updates like iOS devices. A man can dream.
  5. I would be interested to hear from other PMDG Boeing 737 NGX owners and how they got on with this aircraft on day one. I'm sure there is an extensive learning curve from having previously read the engine start up procedure described in the March/April addition of PCPILOT. I realise it's not just a case of turning the key, releasing the handbrake and off you go, but on the other hand I don't want to have to get a university degree (so to speak) just to learn how to open the door. Exaggerated, but you know what I mea
  6. zamakli

    Unread content problem

    Sometimes things get out of sync. Right click the folder and select Mark Folder Read to clear the number.