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  1. If you read the full quote before you decided to be condescending you would have read he part where I requested a livery for two separate planes. If you would like to send a link for BOTH planes then be my guest. Perhaps you also could have considered the fact that due to avsims clunky search engine I never found what I was looking for. But thanks for your reply.
  2. Hello, I would really appreciate if someone would have the time to do a PMDG 738 and QW 789 repaint in Westjets brand new livery. I use FSXSE if that is necessary. Here is some pictures. https://airlinegeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/34602607_1707497539369998_5739672317303193600_n-678x381.jpghttp://www.aeroflap.net/westjet-unveils-boeing-787-dreamliner-livery-and-interior-design/
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