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  1. If you mean the flight planning by loading the flight, i was requesting it before. But now, when i request the route or any other thing, "MSG" light appears at the FMC and i manually enter the variables. I dont know how to open messages cuz im not too familiar with this parts of flying. If you tried to mean any other thing, can you please more specific? Thanks.
  2. Hey. I am new at forum so can you explain me how to add signature? Do i simply type my full name? I will add it once you explain how to do. And i didn't change anything between these two times. At first one(successful one) i requested the route and plane filled the FMC by itself. But at second one, when i do the same thing, it didnt fill itself and "MSG" light appeared at the right side of the FMC. Then i manually filled the blanks without a problem, expect Cost Index part. And as i explored 5 mins ago, i cant add liveries to my PMDG plane either. (I reinstalled the game so i need to download these liveries again.) It gives an "unknown error" message to dowload the list of liveries when i try. Not sure if its related with that FMC problem tho.
  3. Well,I use PMDG 777-300ER and everything was fine yesterday. I made a flight from LTBA to KJFK without any issues. Today, when i try to enter the cost index to FMC for another flight, FMC just freezed. I closed and restarted the game and tried to request that informations instead of entering manually. This time, when i clicked accept button, all entries became invisible. They just turned to blanks. I couldn't see any indent for any attribute. I even tried my last flight which i flied yesterday and all that FMC things were operating as normal, i get the freezing problem. Btw, all VC works without a problem, only FMC freezes. I also tried to delete the aircraft and reinstalled it. Nothing has changed. I amthinking of deleting the whole game and reinstall it again tho. If it wont help, then i will be done and not waste any more time on this.
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