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  1. Thank you for that clarification. I don't forget that PMDG has done a really great job with this V3 747-400... We wait patiently (or not) the-8! 😉 AAlphaSierra
  2. AAlphaSierra

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    Thank you JimmyD, and that's right : if this cosmetic addition can be linked with engines maintenances/repairs procedures, this would make more sense. We can imagine the same kind of things for gear pressure/changes... From the point of view of developers, maybe not for this version I can understand, but for next version, focusing on the 64 bit P3D platform, a lot of things would be possible... No ? AAlphaSierra
  3. In parallel of my previous topic concerning the possibility of opening the doors to the ground, what would you think if PMDG added us the possibility of opening the engine doors (and maybe have appropriate service vehicles) as illustrated in the pictures of the following link ? http://www.gauthiernicolas.fr/?p=3570 I understand that it is not in the field of pilot, but that would be awesome, no? Best regards. Alexandre SAGETTE aka AAlphaSierra
  4. Jo va Bra & fleng200, thanks for your clarifications about the manual door release (that is not simulated in the PMDG 747v3 so?). Of course, I've tried the alt gear extension with all hydr system off. In flight it's work, but not at ground. Regards. AAlphaSierra
  5. Hello everyone, I introduce myself : I'm Alexandre from French West Indies (and a French Speaking guy, so in advance, sorry for my English), new to the forum. I start directly : Is there any way or any procedure that allows to open the gear doors at ground as shown on the following screenshots (OneDrive link) ? https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgR7ZAZB54P1iZomov68OS41gPmPSQ Of course, I've already tried the "alternate gear extension" procedure, who work in flight, but not at ground (what seems logical). The PMDG product support seems to be unavailable at the moment... Anyone have an idea? Thank you in advance for your answers/clarifications. Alexandre aka AAlphaSierra