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  1. I installed RAAS for FSX Steam version and all seamed to work. On taxiways, approaching runway, and on runway works just fine. However on approach, I don't receive height call out. "100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10". I uninstalled and reinstalled FSX and 2 DLC, RAAS and Ultimate night environment. I loaded nothing else. I moved a copy of SCHEMA.ini to the FSX directory. I ran makerunways.exe, then ran FSX. It's still the same problem. All works except height call out on approach. It does call out the runway on approach like it should, as in " Approaching 28 Left". Settings; Advisories: All are checked. Runways: Units of Measurements = Feet Exclude short runways = Unchecked Annunciate units = Checked The rest of thee settings are default. 1000 Ru, 800 Ru, and 25%. I hope I can fix this, it's the main reason I bought RAAS. Thanks.
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