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  1. Luca Vom Bruch

    Black flickering RTX 2070 in P3D

    I did delete shaders but not cfg. Not sure if it is same issue as SaenchaySor, for it is not with switches, only when moving the mouse view around and letting the click go, and only the bottom half of the screen. But very very similar. I think I have almost the same fps with vsync and tripple buffering ON, which fixes it. Still weird though. It seems to be a real thing, there is also a thread here:
  2. Luca Vom Bruch

    Black flickering RTX 2070 in P3D

    reverse, it doesnt happen in windowed mode.
  3. Luca Vom Bruch

    Black flickering RTX 2070 in P3D

    Hi, I upgraded to an RTX 2070 from a GTX 1060 (no performance boost at all, in P3D, but thats besides the point). I have an issue where, unless Vsync/Tripple Buffering is enabled, whenever I move the mouse view around in the Cockpit and let go, the bottom half of the screen will "flicker" black for a split second. On my GTX 1060 I never used Vsync and did not have this problem. A driver issue maybe? I do not have this flickering in XP11 or Battlefield 5 etc.. but for example in the "origin" app it has also happened.
  4. Hello, I just got Chaseplane. I have Mouse Scroll enabled to zoom. However whenever I move over the altitude, speed, or heading knob to adjust it, it also zooms in and out. How to fix?