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  1. Acer Predator XB271HU (27" 2560x1440, Gsync, IPS)
  2. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    Also, its important to note that Scanline sync works best with some GPU headroom. If your GPU load is near or above 80-90% normally, this will create stutters.
  3. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    On screen display should show if you start MSI Afterburner before you start the sim. Also, sometimes changing the water detail settings can also help.
  4. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    CPU utilization is generally between 35 to 70%... i only fly the FSlabs a320... in other aircraft i'm sure it'll be much lower.
  5. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    HERE'S THE FIX. Works perfectly for me to remove the micro-stutter (for native 60hz monitors). There's no need to set monitor refresh rate to 30hz. P3Dv4 Set Frames to "Unlimited" Vsync to OFF Triple Buffering to OFF RivaTunerStatistics Server Create profile for P3D Set Scanline Sync to "Scanline Sync x/2" by clicking twice on the text label that says "Scanline Sync". In the textbox to the right of "Scanline Sync x/2", set value to 60hz (if your monitor is native 60hz). I tried setting 1/2 refresh rate from Nvidia Inspector, but that didn't work for me. Instead... RivaTunerStatistics Server (MSI Afterburner) works perfectly to achieve the same thing.
  6. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    Turns out it was a monitor refresh rate issue. The pattern of micro-stutter changes as i change the refresh rate. Looks like i need a g-sync monitor.
  7. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    I uninstalled the antivirus, and disabled windows defender antivirus.
  8. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    Tried it, makes no difference.
  9. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    Write cache is enabled.
  10. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    Tried all of your suggestions... but the problem still persists.
  11. Anshu

    Stuttering every few seconds

    8600k at 5.0, RTX 2080, Samsung 850 EVO, 16GB Ram, monitor refresh 30 hz.
  12. P3Dv4.3, ORBX FTX Global, Vector, Active Sky, FSlabs a320. I am experiencing a stutter at regular intervals (every 2 seconds or so). I have tried pretty much everything to get rid of it... but i still have no luck. The stuttering is mostly noticeable when making sharp turns. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you Ray. I was really hoping the pd2700q could be forced into 30hz mode via nvidia control panel... but i guess I’ll have to look at other options. I quite like the monitor you have, but even at 32 inches, i know scaling is going to be an I’m stuck between the pan and the fire.
  14. My setup is an 8600k overclocked to 5ghz, and a msi rtx 2080 gaming x trio. Runs 4k very fluid without any stutters whatsoever...even with the fslabs a320 which is very hard on the cpu. Even on max settings it has no problems keeping up. I personally think that the 8600k and 9600k is the best cpu for p3d.
  15. Hi all, If there’s anyone who has this monitor, can you please confirm if the monitor supports 30hz (2560x1440)? The specs sheet from benq doesn’t have that mentioned. If not, any suggestions for other 27 in qhd monitors with ips panels...that supports 30hz?