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  1. On 1/18/2019 at 11:20 PM, Mark Niebauer said:

    Once someone comes up with a gtn750 mod, I would use that.  There is one for the DA42 and it works fine. So I fly that one. Navigraph is junk as we all have known for years. I've given up hope that carenado will ever make it work better.

    The problem isn't Navigraph, it is the way various add-on creators utilize it (or fail to).

    The Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang uses Navigraph and their G1000 is the best I have seen in a sim. This from a real-world pilot. I like having up to date procedures, which you get with Navigraph. I love my GTN too, but you are stuck with a database that is a couple of years out of date.

  2. Further to the above - the reallight and trueglass installers that come with the 310 update the dll files, but do not update the shader files that were previously installed along with the airbus. There is clearly some incompatibility.

    Removing the reallight and trueglass subdirectories from the P3D\gauges directory and then re-running the installer resulted in a clean install and fixed the CTD issue.

    I need to do some testing and see if the trueglass effects still work in the airbus.

  3. OK, I found the culprit. It was the trueglass and reallight that were installed along with the 310. In fact, after installing the 310, loading my Aerosoft Airbus Pro also caused a CTD.

    Removing both the RealLight.dll and TrueGlass.dll files (found in the P3D gauges folder) fixed both airplanes.

  4. Just installed the 310 Redux on P3D 4.3. Can't even load the airplane, it crashes the sim immediately.

    All instructions for installation (run as admin, AV disabled, etc) were followed.

    I load P3D with a default flight using the stock Baron, all good - then load the 310 and the sim goes "not responding" for a few seconds followed by CTD.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  5. Press the PFD soft key, the on the next menu press DME, that will make the DME readout appear next to your HSI.

    On that same menu the BRG soft keys will cycle through the ADF and RMI pointers on your HSI.

  6. I opened a support ticket with Carenado concering the apparent inability to load and save flight plans. This was their response:

    Since this AC uses a Navigraph Database Flight Plan importing is not available.


    There is a certain useful word that can be conveniently disguised as a cough.

    Considering that the PMDG 737NGX, the Aerosoft CRJ700, and numerous others use Navigraph data and can easily load flight plans created with an external program, I have a hard time accepting this "explanation".

    It is so disappointing - their DA62 is beautifully modeled, and has great flying characteristics. It is just such a shame that their G1000 is so haphazardly programmed; not just this but all the other issues mentioned in this forum. More bugs than an ant farm.

    I hope Carenado reads this forum. They are not getting any more of my money until they fix the DA62.

  7. 7 hours ago, Chipwich said:

    Has anyone had the aircraft symbol not track the course line, but slightly off to the side?  Also, the map in some views has horrible resolution, knobs sometimes misbehave until you shift your view angle, like there are graphic and click spot anomalies. Anyway, compared to the Aerobask, which admittedly uses the Laminar Research G1000 as a foundation that works perfectly, I’m afraid to admit that this rendition of the D62 is little more than a pretty face.  At least the big D button seems to work. 

    Yes, I have noticed that as well. When flying a GPS course the heading is always around 15 degrees to the left of the course track. At first I thought it was a crosswind correction, but flying it with all weather turned off (zero wind) did not make a difference.

    If you are zoomed out too far you can lose your VC clickspots. This is a common issue with VCs in FSX and not airplane specific. Try zooming in a little bit.

    I have to agree with you about the DA62 being just a pretty face, sadly. It is a visually stunning model, and the hand-flying characteristics are great. It is unfortunate that their glitchy G1000 makes the airplane unusable for any kind of serious IFR navigation.

  8. On 10/27/2018 at 1:23 AM, Nigellgh said:


    I have found that any input flight plan will track and change the waypoints automatically if the VNAV is switched on. Flying with a flight plan with procedures without the VNAV on will cause the G1000 not to track the waypoints. I found this out when I forgot to switch in the VNAV. So I activated the leg that the plan was supposed to be on then switched on the VNAV and the waypoints tracked fine until the end of flight.

    I have the TBM850 and it does not use the NAVIGRAPH G1000 so it will track waypoints OK (I believe you cannot input flight levels,VNV button inop?). 

    I tried that and it works the same for me as you described. That still isn't acceptable, however! If the VNAV mode gave you any control over VS or IAS it wouldn't be so bad, but it does not. At least, I haven't found any way to do that. In order to get a proper climb rate I have to change to FLC mode which then breaks the waypoint sequencing again. Never mind the fact that you should be able to hand-fly any part (or all) of your flight plan with the autopilot disengaged, as you would in the case of an engine failure. It's hard to practice hand-flying a single-engine instrument approach when your waypoints don't sequence!

    There are MANY issues with the DA62's G1000. I hope they are working on a fix; as it stands now the airplane looks pretty but is not usable for serious IFR navigation.

    I would be happy to work with them to identify things that need fixing. Submitting support tickets feels like talking to the proverbial brick wall, however.

  9. The body of the support ticket I opened with Carenado:

    Found another significant and repeating bug with the DA62.
    When loading an approach, not all transitions are listed.
    Example: KMRY ILS RWY 10R - one I have flown numerous times in real life.
    On the PROC page, the only transition listed is SNS.
    ZEBED is also an IAF but is not listed as a transition.
    Also, the real-life Garmin always has "Vectors" as an available transition; your G1000 does not.
    If you choose the SNS transition (you have to, it's the only one listed) then the system tries to route you straight to ZEBED instead of SNS as it should.
    Furthermore, when you choose the procedure and select Load, it behaves as though you selected Activate and immediately routes you to the IAF. Selecting Load should not cause an immediate course change - that should not happen until you go back to the PROC page and activate the approach.

    Anyone else seen this? Any other real-life IFR pilots here?

  10. On 7/16/2016 at 4:05 AM, ryanbatcund said:

    Those new TBM's are so sexy.  Five delicious blades and 330 KTAS!  Yum!  I love wing level function - I think that's brilliant and I'm not sure what manufacturer was first, maybe Cirrus? 

    Mooney's single-engine M20 had an always-on wing leveler (called "Positive Control") starting back in 1965 🙂

  11. I did a little more experimenting and found something interesting.

    If I create a super simple flight plan - just departure, destination, and a couple of enroute waypoints, then the waypoints do advance correctly.

    However, any waypoints loaded as part of a SID, STAR, or approach do not. And, it seems like once there has been a failure to advance then it never recovers, at least that is what I have seen.

    I updated my ticket with this new information, hopefully it will help.

  12. They got back to me a little while ago and told me to uninstall/redownload/reinstall the product, which I did. The issue was not fixed.

    I have tried it with both the default Navigraph data that came with the airplane as well as the latest cycle. Makes no difference.

  13. Just updated my nav data to the latest cycle. The title bar of P2ATC shows the correct cycle, and all the SIDS/STARS/APPS are correct when creating a flight plan.

    The flight plan validates OK, and when I file it acts like it worked, but when I call for clearance I get "We don't have a flight plan on file".

    This is version

    I have re-installed the Navigraph update, it does not appear to be a corrupted file.

    I am on the last day of my trial, so hopefully I can get the solution ASAP. Not going to buy the product if it doesn't work!



  14. On 10/21/2018 at 8:45 AM, 300hp.GT said:

    I have already submitted a support ticket. My experience with Carenado says they will ignore it, since they've already released 2 updates. They tend to move on, and say 'close enough' at that point. It's just a shame their products look so darn good...

    They marked my support ticked as "Solved" without even posting a reply. Is it possible they released an update? I looked on their website and can't find any mention of one.

  15. On 10/14/2018 at 6:22 PM, 300hp.GT said:

    FLCH Mode will fly past selected altitude. When you dial in a desired altitude, then select FLCH, the plane should capture the current airspeed, hold it, and pitch up to the desired altitude, with a green FLCH mode, and a white ALTS mode. This doesn't happen correctly.

    I have found a workaround - after you engage FLCH mode, if you turn the altitude select knob (just bump it up 100 feet and back again) it will engage ALTS mode.

  16. 6 minutes ago, Anders Bermann said:

    The PMDG Shop account is a different login, than the PMDG Support account.

    If all else fails, create a new account in the PMDG Support Portal and submit a ticket, with the details of your old account. I'm sure, they would be able to change the email address for you.

    Thanks, I will go and do that now.. I did not realize they were separate systems.

  17. I am trying to access my account on PMDG's website. However, when I sign in it says I have to reset my password. That would be fine, except the email address I registered with years ago no longer exists, so I would never receive the reset instructions.

    I can't submit a support ticket because you have to be logged in to create one.

    Any advice would be welcome. Ideally someone from PMDG will see this and get in touch.


  18. On 10/14/2018 at 6:22 PM, 300hp.GT said:

    Autopilot will track a flight plan, but the plan segments do not change when you reach a waypoint. The plane will turn to the proper course, but the magenta needle swings to point to the waypoint you just passed.

    I just got the DA62 yesterday and I am experiencing this also. As a workaround you can bring up the FPL screen, use the FMS knob to scroll to the next waypoint, and press "Active Leg".

    We should not have to do this though - this is a major bug that they need to fix ASAP. Their TBM850 doesn't have this problem, it seems to be unique to the DA62.

    I will submit a bug report on their website and I suggest you do the same.

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