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  1. I see others have reported not receiving a descent from cruise and being way too high for the approach. I have experienced this twice in the last day - it appears that having the sim on fast time (4x in this case) when crossing the TOD point may be a causal factor.

    When I flew the same flight plan and turned off time acceleration a few miles before the TOD point I was given the descent. As an experiment I turned fast time back on in the descent, and was given all further descents in a timely manner. So, it appears to affect only the initial descent from cruise.


  2. On 10/17/2018 at 3:11 PM, Dave-Pilot2ATC said:

    Several possible solutions.

    1) SayIt should work.  I just tried it and it's fine.  Use SayIt+ so you can modify the runway and departure runway if desired.

    2) The phrases in SayIt do not use "Number One for Departure" , so if you use those phrases, they might work when you speak them.  "<Callsign> ready for IFR Release Runway 31 at Kilo Mike Whiskey Lima"

    3) You can add a Personal Grammar Training Phrase in the Grammar Helper and do training with the exact phrase you are trying to get recognized.



    Thanks for your reply.

    From your user guide:

    IFR Release at Uncontrolled Airport
    <CallSign> is number one for departure runway <RunwayName> at <ICAOCode> request IFR Release
    Departure, Center, Approach

    This is the only phrase listed for this purpose. You might want to update the manual!

    Calling for release on the DEL freq was heard correctly (with the phrase you mentioned) but was ignored. Once I figured out that I had to change to the APC freq it worked properly. At the (real-life) airport in question, we always call for release on DEL because APC can't hear us on the ground. Also, the DEL controller didn't indicate a frequency change, just "call for release when ready" so this was somewhat confusing.

    That must be why SayIt did not offer the "request release" phrase - I was still on the DEL freq.

    Anyway, thanks for clearing that up!

  3. 13 minutes ago, Bobsk8 said:

    You didn't set a profile for the aircraft you are flying, hence the wrong speeds. The instructions will always say ILS, even if it is LOC only.  Suggest reading the manual, it is pretty extensive. 

    Actually I did set a profile. 100kts would be correct inside the FAF with gear down and approach flaps, but not 10+ miles out before I have even intercepted the localizer. There was no AI traffic so it wasn't for spacing.

    The program descended me to 3500 in an area where the minimum safe altitude (MSA) is 6300. The initial altitude for the approach is 6100, so 3500 was just wrong. As a real-life pilot, I get cold chills when I'm being vectored in the soup and hear "WHOOP WHOOP! Terrain! Pull up!" :-) That definitely shouldn't be happening!

    The program also vectored me across the final approach path at a 150 heading (final approach course is 280) and then gave me essentially a 270 degree left turn to intercept. This led to an unfortunate encounter with a 4467' peak. Definltely some issues with the vectoring logic!

    If you look at the approach plate for KMRY LOC RWY 28L you'll see what I'm talking about.

  4. For what it's worth...

    I just installed the demo version of PF3. On the first flight (KCCR-KMRY) it assigned me a non-existent approach (ILS 28L, there is only a LOC and GPS for 28L due to terrain), demanded a speed reduction to 100kts while well outside the FAF (in a high-performance twin), and then vectored me into a mountain while attempting to line me up with the final approach course. Not terribly impressed. Glad I didn't buy the full version!


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