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  1. Hello guys, normally I just read here, but now its time to create an account I guess ;) So let me quickly introduce myself: Im now a retired flight captain from Czech Republic. Over the last decades Ive flown alot of airplanes. As far as commercial is concerned from good old Ilyushin Il-62s from Czech Airlines to Airbus A380s from Emirates in the last 9 years. I flew: Ilyushin Il-62 and Il-62M, A300, A310, A330, A340, B777s and since 2008 A380. In the last 6 month I got a bit bored after my retirement so I started playing flight simulators again, after playing FSX many many years ago. First I downloaded freeware planes through avsim and also bought some good ones such as PMDG 777 and 747-8 for P3Dv4. Generally I was disappointed how unrealistic most of them are in terms of flying behavior and realism especially the freeware ones. The next problem for most of the planes is the lack of developers. So for A380, A350 and many general aviation you can only go with freeware or at least it doesnt make sense to buy payware stuff. Since I know how real aircrafts fly, I modified popular freeware planes like Project Airbus A380, FSPAI A350-900 + A350-1000 and B777-300ER from POSKY and the "Citation X Ultra Package" and modified them with the real data like speed, fuel consumption, weights, ground handling, drag, general physics and flying behavior. To make them as realistic as possible. Ive never released any of those, just made them for myself. Of course P3D and FSX do have some limitations but its still enough to have a quite realistic aircraft at the end. So far I have not found more realistic aircrafts like mine, in terms of flying behavior and physics to be honest with you. Even PMDGs planes lack some data like weight and balance and realistic fuel consumption. I dont developed any panels or systems, to complicated for me. I concentrate on the physics how real planes fly. 2 weeks ago a new jet came to my attention the new Gulfstream G500 and G600. I managed to make an FSX AI model of a Gulfstream G550 flyable for P3Dv4 and modified them on my own with real data. As well I used a pretty realistic .air file from another freeware plane. Speed, fuel consumption at 0.85 and 0.90 mach cruise speed is spot on. I know from reading here that Gulfstream planes have high restrictions and they dont want to have payware products. Which is fine to me, I dont want to make any money with that. Just for the community here. So after a loooong introduction the real question: Nevertheless there are some Gulfstreams in the avsim library so I wonder if I just can release and upload them for P3Dv4 as well? I would of course credit in the description all freeware devs where I got the base from (in this case, model, panel & .air file). If interest for the other aircrafts I "developed" exist, Im happy to share them here as well if people wish. As I said above I just do this for myself and fun and dont want to make any money with it. Greetings Lollem54
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