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  1. In summary, how much it cost to update database and is it every AIRAC cycle? Thanks.
  2. Finally it was impossible to run my Saitek / Logitech hardware over P3Dv4.4. I've tried a lot of "solutions" found over internet and no one works. So I have a Radio Panel, Multi Panel, Switch Panel and 3 instrument panels (about $800) that doesn't not work. If you read this, don't buy Saitek / Logitech hardware for Prepar3D. It doesn't work at all, this is my experience. Absolutely impossible to run and official support don't give me a solution since 2 months ago or so. Don't waste your time!!
  3. Hi! I'm thinking about to buy the GARMIN GTN 750 to use with the Carenado Citation II over Xplane 11. But I have heard that the database is from march 2018 and it not possible to update. I already have a Navigraph subscription for AIRACs cycles. How can I put the new AIRACs in the GTN 750? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I just have bought the new ORBX True Earth Great Britain for P3D, very nice product but an insane FPS killer. I have an i7 with the RTX 2080 and 32 GB RAM, and it's impossible to fly over London. I got between 7 to 17 FPS what makes impossible to fly. Loading time up to 6 minutes, I thought my PC was blocked due to it stops 3 minutes in 6%. I also own True Earth Netherlands, I have no problem to move it at 45 FPS in Amsterdam airport. Does anybody have the same problem in FPS or loading times? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have the same problem with the multi, radio, switch and instruments panel.I have done the power management, clean the registry, uninstall the simulator, uninstall the Saitek drivers... I'm emailing with the Logitech support but no fix is given at the moment. I have read thousands of problems with Saitek / Logitech products, but no fixes anywhere. Any ideas? I'm over Windows 10 and P3D v4.4.
  6. Absolutely amazing aircraft control. Unbelievable!
  7. Thanks for your comment, Odourboy. Perhaps in the next video I should give more importance to the aircraft sounds and take the music to the background. I will keep your words in mind! Thanks, sir.
  8. Ok... I'm going to be more kindly respectful than you have been with me and I'm not going to give you my point of view about your videos. You are thinking that your work is the best and others works aren't good enough for you. I have the feeling that you are not giving a constructive analysis, only wants to send destroying words without sense and I also think you are in the wrong way. My philosophy is trying to learn every day, with everything, even with disrespectful comments like you are giving me. But you are absolutely convinced that you have nothing to learn because you are doing perfect, and that never will be true. I'm showing a new video to the community and I'm ready for people that doesn't like it, because it's absolutely natural and understandable, but always under a respect code. I will always welcome negatives comments, but please, with respect. Regards.
  9. Hi, MarkDH. Thank you for your comment. You have take your time to see the video and write your opinion and I appreciate that. The target of the video is to create feelings and that worked. I would like you to give me some flight simulation video that you consider as a perfect one. Please, send me a link to see what you said me about air-to air shots, I would like to learn that. And I'm happy with the Nvidia RTX 2080 because gives me good frames per second results, what kind of graphic card do you like? I just buy the RTX a month ago, but I like it. It's a pleasure to talk with you. Write me back, please. Regards.
  10. Hello and thanks for your comment, it helps me to keep learning! In my humble opinion it's realistic as I have all settings turned to max. quality and using ORBX sceneries that are a good one on that. So, the shines on the aircraft, the sun entering through the windows, the water reflections, clouds giving shadows on the runway, accurate placed objects, cars in the parking, trains moving, damaged textures in the aircraft... these are some details that gives me a realistic feeling. But all of that is subjective, you are giving me another point of view that I absolutely respect. The music was a difficult decision, because I had to choose between an energetic track to be present on the video or a track in the background and I have chosen the first option. You can always turn the sound off 😉 And the flickering effects give some dynamism to the video but, of course, that is subjective too. I have never seen that kind of effects on a simulation video and I tried to be creative. Besides, you have some more videos in Youtube about VULCAN aircraft if you want to have another point of view. After all, I don't want to change your opinion, what I want is you to know mine. I'm at your disposal to talk about everything. See you!
  11. Hi, David. You are right! But you have to understand that cockpit view isn't as dynamic as I would like for a video, and the outside views give me more chances to change views etc. The first video that I did was most of the time from the cockpit view during a landing, and I get people bored. It's very difficult to make the perfect video, but thanks for your time to write me and I will keep in mind to mix some more cockpit views next time. We'll be in touch! Regards.
  12. Thanks for your comment WarpD, it's an honor coming from a member like you! You are absolutely right. I'm trying to make unique videos closer to a promo or a teaser than a review. Perhaps I'm using bad the word "review". So, I just changed it on my video: Thank you again for your time and we'll keep in touch. Regards!
  13. Hi everybody! Here is my new extremely realistic video over P3d v4.4 with the new Nvida RTX 2080, obtaining an awesome smooth 4K 60 FPS. It’s a review of the mitic AVRO VULCAN that was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from U.K. Video: ► ◄ Subscribe to get new releases in the future. Comments (possitive or negative) are welcomed to keep myself learning. Regards!
  14. Hello! I don't know to speak French, so I hope french people welcomes me anyway. This is Carlos from JUST 4 ARTIST, a newcomer Youtube Channel about realistic flight simulation over real life procedures. At this moment there are only posted 2 videos regarding flight simulation, but I'm just on the beginning. I'm trying to create quick cinematic video reviews. I have not earnings or commercial purposes, I only want to share my videos to the world, and receive your feedback and comments (positive or negative). ► New video: https://youtu.be/1H3U_9k2HAs ◄ Subscribers for my Youtube Channel, Facebook or Twitter are very welcome! Thanks so much.
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