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  1. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    charliearon ???! Y-O-U... once a-g-a-i-n! NooooWAY. However... We were all born curious and eager to discover the wonder of life. Somewhere along the way to adulthood, we lost that need to ask “why.” Here's how to nurture the innate curiosity in you.
  2. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    Well... I am back again ! It took me a few days to master this issue BUT I have definitely found and fixed this annoying problem concerning the Diamonds by editing the the panel.cfg file. This issue is solved NOW! That´s it...Flying another GPS approach and landing with the Diamonds popping up just as it should at the right time! Just another wonderful landing at Geneva International Airport (LSGG RWY: 5, Lenght:12789, Concrete INE, ILSfreq:110.90, Hdg: 045) SCREENS: 1=> 2=> 3=>
  3. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    (at) charliearon wrote this " Saw your details. Obviously you aren't setting something up correctly." Are you really sure???? If yes, and if you really know it please Just tell me concretely what i am doing wrong? I would be happy to know e-x-a-c-t-l-y WHY the Diamonds (PLEASE NOTE flying P-U-R-E GPS !! NOT IFR stuff as you always do).- are not appearing on my Flight Display Also, go ahead... come on just tell me what I am doing wrong.:-) I came here to know that! (at) charliearon wrote this " As a test, try your flight flying IFR, let ATC guide you through the turns and altitudes. See if everything you are doing is correct.". Turns are done by the GPS with VOR/Loc enabled and all Altitudes used on my Flight are 100% correct as well. You should read my Post above at least once again. Sorry, I don´ t need to Fly IFR (don´t have time for that kind of annoying flights) just to see what I am doing wrong or right! Flying IFR & ATC (IFR saved file) doing as you do it everybody can fly and land an Aircraft I guess. Please note: Just check out the video linked above and you´ll see that the guy out there is doing exactly nearly the same steps as I always do. (and yes. without that kind of annoying IFR & ATC stuff which you´re talking about over here. The video´s Author can get these 2x Diamonds displayed on his Flight Display. BUT not me so far. THAT´S THE POINT! This is also the main reason why I´ve posted my issue here! Please forget about IFR flights with ATC (with a IFR saved file). I don´t play that kind of annoying games at all. That´s it! Anyway thank you anyway for your approach.
  4. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    @ charliearon Sir, as I wrote on my very first post, I am NOT using IFR Flight Plan for this Flight LSGG (Geneva) => LSZH (Zürich). I haven´t saved any IFR File. I am using ONLY the GPS with Vor/Loc. enabled. This is a Direct Flight from Geneva to Zürich using the GPS as a help tool to align the aircraft to the runway for landing. However for more Details on this one please refer to my replay just above.
  5. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    Thank you! Your help would be much appreciated! ..Well I don´ t think so! Let me see... With that sad and before getting into my issue back again, just let´s first of all check out my Specs and Addons installed on my computer and see if I am missing here something. 1. Mainboard:=> Intel Z370 ATX (overclocked @ 4,8 running stable, no issues so far!) LINK: 2. Grafik 2x Asus GTX 780 Cu2 in Sli Modus ( yes I know thera is better grafik cards out there than this one but for now I am happy with what I have. 3. Drive configuration: SSD Raid-0 ( 4 drives ARRAY (Raid-0 with 4x Samsung 850 pro 512 GB each. 4. FSX-Steam Edition and ALL payware addons (listed bellow) installed on a separatedPCI-E drive => Intel SSD Flash DC P3520, 1.2TB,PCI-Expres (1200GB, PCI-Express) LINK: Payware Addons installed on my machine: PMDG 737/800/900 & Livreries, FSX FSUIPC ver.4.955, EZdok Camera Version 2.0 , REX4 Texture Direct Steam DLC, Rex Worldwide Airports HD, GSX Base & Level 2. FSWX Wather Engine, FS Water Configurator, Navaids-Airport tools. .. and that´s it! Back to the problem itself. BTW, I have PMDG´s 737 as well and I never had a big issue flying this aircraft or FMC problems and something like this.The problem that I am facing described on this topic concerns exclusively the Dafult Boing 737/800. Wih that sad, I am starting now from Geneva Airport (LSGG) all the way down to Zürich Airport (LSZH) flying the DEFAULT 737/800. 1) TAKE OFF: =/= Runway heading set for now (045 degrees / Geneva´s Runway) 1.1- Speed (I´ve set 245 Knots because I will be flying from Geneva to Zürich bellow 10.000 feet) 1.2 - Altitude: (8.000 Feet set) 1.3 - Alt/speed/ (2500 feet/min set ) in order to get faster up in the air avoiding aircraft traffic near the Airoport. 1.4 - Brakes (RtO position set) 1.5 - Flaps set to 10 degrees 1.6 - Pull up @ 144 knots) GPS Switch already set to ON /BUT the VOR LOC switch at this point is set to OFF. 2) After Taking off (..and I mean immediately after Taking off) 2.1 - Landing Gear Up 2.2 - Brakes (OFF) 3) Once in the Air 3.1 Flaps down to (0) 3.2 With (Z) Auto pilot (enabled) / AutoThrottle ( enabled), Alt/speed changed down to ( 2000 feet / min) 4. NEXT... 4.1 - With (F3) I just bring up quickly the GPS (LSZH // Zürich Activate??? (YES!) PROC =>Select Approach??? (YES!) => ILS 16 + Vectors => Load or Activate? ( Just I´ ve loaded it for now as pilots always do). At this point I have closed the GPS. I will bring it back again later on when needed. With the NAV / GPS switched to *GPS* and with VOR/LOC switch enabled my Aircraft starts to turn as it should pointing nicely to Zurich Airport RWY 16. The "COURSE Switch" is now set (154 degrees) as it must be. So, it´s time to bring the Radio Stack in order to enter some data out there. 4.2 With F2 bring up the Radios @ NAV1 I´ve entered 110.50 and I´ve activated NAV1. I have closed the Radio Stack because I won´t needed it anymore for this Flight. About 25 Miles to go: My aircraft is flying nicely to Zurich following the data entered previously into the GPS. I have a nice view of this nice country called Switzerland. Everything looks to be at its own place. Nice mountains, rivers, snow, nature pure! I am enjoying the Flight, At this point I bring up the GPS again and I have activated " Vectors to final" in order to start descending all the way down to Zürich approaching RWY 16. I am descending down to 3.300 feet. It should be good enough in order to capture the glide slope. I have switched from MAP to APP in order to be able to see the DIAMONDS, one of them on the bottom and another one on the right side of my Flight display. The Diamond on right is very important at this point because it will allows me once switched from GPS to NAV WHICH I have done (btw, Vor/Lock still enabled at this point), it would allows me as the diamond on the right reaches the middle of the slight display to switch ON the APP switch. This action would allow me to descending precisely correct under the glide slope down to the RWY (16), because all this word not allowed would be controlled by Auto Pilot itself till he gets by the end disengaged by myself. However...I have decreased my speed down to about 180 knots at about15 miles before grounding. My landing speed at the latest stage will be about 145 Knots for this aircraft, FLAPS (full), Spoilers and Reverse enabled, Auto brakes set to (2). And ...of course I would be ready and able to disengage the autopilot and make a nice landing flare with this DEFAULT B737/800. Again, at no point do the diamonds show up on my Flight Display but the default B738-800 aircraft just turned to the right and then flew directly into the ground. Sure It must be something wrong . .. Despite all my efforts, I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Sorry for my possible mistakes [writing in English] , as you can see I am not a native English speaker.
  6. flyswiss

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    Thank you for being so attentive and responsive! @ Jim Young wrote " Did you set NAV1 with the correct frequency for the runway and make sure the course in the panel was set correctly?" => Yes Sir! Be assured that all these entries are absolutely correct inc. flaps, speed and all that good staff... @ Chock wrote " Set your aeroplane up like this (on the FSX map) and give it a go" Sir, I am NOT using IFR Flight Plan (no ifr file saved). All my settings are done within the GPS. ( select approach/ activate approach/ activate-vectors-to-final. And yes all my settings are absolutely correct so far . I just did it exactly as shown in the video above. At about 10 miles before landing and with The PAPI system / lights appearing on the horizon I have switched the GPS to NAV with and VOR/LOC (localiser tracking switch is in its ON position) At this point I was just waiting for the diamond (the one on the right!!) starting descending all the way down in order to engage the APP button. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Hi there, This is my first post.:-) I've just tried some approaches into Zürich-Kloten Airport (LSZH) using ILS and GPS - RWY 16 - ILSfreq.110.50 ILShdg.154 as shown over here => However, at no point do the diamonds show up on my Flight Display. I have engaged NAV and App switches at the right moment, but the default B738-800 aircraft just turned to the right and then flew directly into the ground. * Sorry for my possible mistakes [writing in English] , I am not a native English speaker, I am Swiss!