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  1. Ok, problem solved finally by using "Editpad Lite" on aircraft.cfg and the "extra" function "TrimTrailing Whitespaces".
  2. Thanks for swift reply! I have been running AILG with the "repair" checked always, but it does not seem to handle the problem. The log/error files haven't indicated problems either. I have to get a better text editor that can automat deleting extra spaces
  3. Thanks a lot for a nice suite of programs to enable live traffic in flightsim. However, after upgrading to AILG 4.8, PPG 9.4 and PSX 13.6, I have run into problems getting my private collection of AI aircrafts to display. PSX finally throws error 81. The FLAI package is no problem. I have finally narrowed the problem down to AI_liveries.xml generated by the AILG. Quite a bunch of my privat AI collection produce a lot of empty spaces like in this example: <livery airline="UAL" type="B788" folder="1" title="FSAI B787-9 Dreamliner United AI " /> With these empty spaces present PSX fail to generate the aircraft. If I remove the empty spaces like this: <livery airline="UAL" type="B788" folder="1" title="FSAI B787-9 Dreamliner United AI" /> Then the aircraft is generated with out problems. So, is this a problem of the AILG, PSX or the aircraft.cfg's of my privat AI collection?
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