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  1. So should I get a more powerful gpu or ?????
  2. It’s for all aircraft. Although I seemed to have found a cure. I have to go into the bios settings and then exit the bios setting every time I want to use p3d. It’s very annoying but it works.
  3. Yup, it was my hardware. I set the GPU clock down a little bit. I then also made my core clock 4.7Ghz instead of 5 and now its running smoothly. Thank you so much for the help!
  4. Hello, I keep getting fps spikes (60 fps to 14 fps), and exactly when it happens I also get sound crackling. Its gotten so annoying especially in the VC and I really cannot stand it anymore. This activity has been going on for a solid month and I've tried basically all the "fixes" and still cant get it to stop. My system: Intel i5 8600k @5ghz gtx 1070 Ti 16gb 3000 ddr4 ram kingston ssd 500gb add ons: REX 4 ORBX FTX GLOBAL ORBX FTX North America UT live some airport scenery
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