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  1. I'm free to not buy it and I'm also free to express my opinion, that doesn't make me "entitled".
  2. A nicely handcrafted city will still be superior to photogrammetry
  3. It is indeed a ridiculous pricing. When MSFS releases, there will be a lot of competition and we will surely have new developers among the newcomers to the flight simulation. Not only in payware but I'm also hoping that we will have lots of freeware like the Zibo mod for X Plane. If PMDG keeps this pricing they will lose a LOT of potential customers, and I'm betting they will ultimately end up reducing the price
  4. This is the pricing I want for the new sim: Tiny Airports/Airfields: 3$ to 6$ Medium Airports : 6$ to 12$ International Airports : 10$ to 20$ Sceneries: 5$ to 25$ according to content size (starting from a few landmarks to an entire city) Aircrafts : see majestic pricing of their Q400, I wish we could have the same for pmdg and others
  5. I was reading a French forum and some testers claim that the 1000 points based flight model does not exist yet and they are using slightly modified legacy FSX model for all aircrafts ( http://pilote-virtuel.com/viewtopic.php?pid=1017724#p1017724 ) . Also read that the real weather injection was as bad as FSX so we will need an add on like Active Sky The weather injection not being perfect is not a big deal but I would be quiet disappointed if they do not deliver what they promised for the flight model
  6. The problem with "early access" or "open beta" games is that they remain in that state forever and you'll never see a official release version in your lifetime. Because the developers can never decide when it is no longer "beta".
  7. The person in charge of programming these autopilot systems has clearly not the level of competence required. Programming autopilot is very different than scripting video games, you need to have knowledge in control theory and automation. A video game developer for example who is used to scripting quests or things like that in a RPG game will never handle this task very well. So I hope they'll hire a new guy for this and clearly specify on the job offer what competence is required.
  8. I have found this picture over another forum. Apparently this an import into Blender of Google Maps data It seems like it wouldn't be impossible to do this. But since it's Google imagery it has to be freeware since selling it would be illegal.
  9. We know Google Earth photogrammetry is much better than Bing Map. We also know that Microsoft will never use Google Earth because they want to promote Bing. But what if third parties managed to extract photogrammetry from Google Earth and add it to MSFS ? I have found this video tutorial which demonstrates that it is possible:
  10. In terms of weather simulation everything seems good to me in default MSFS Cloud textures ? well there is no such thing as cloud texture when using volumetric clouds, it's full shader. So the only thing they could do is to improve the volumetric cloud shaders. But I can't imagine a big enough improvement that could make worth paying more than 10 bucks
  11. I'm interested where do you get these reports @Chuck_Jodry-VJPL because I can't find anything anywhere else. Do you have any screenshots ?
  12. MSFS is already top sales in Steam 2 weeks from release
  13. Can someone give a screenshot of the mail ? I didn't receive anything
  14. I'm pretty sure the "CPU" bottleneck actually is due to draw calls and not a cpu specific task like aerodynamics.
  15. it's very sad to see people are mocking someone with a 1070 expecting to get descent fps. 1070 is a good card running every AAA title at 60 fps in 2020 with high settings. But when someone expects the same for MSFS, the arrogant people of avsim with their 2080ti mocks him.
  16. I think at this point we have to accept the fact that we will sadly never have a flight simulator running smoothly at 60 fps Having a smooth simulator was one of the things that excited the most but now I'm disappointed. I was hoping my 2070S could run it smoothly at 1080p@60fps but it doesn't seem likely...
  17. I don't understand why these people are playing at 4K 25 fps, it's just unpleasant to watch. It is clear that even with 2080ti at 4K it's far from smooth. It would be a much better experience to play this on 1080p with 60 fps.
  18. Interesting ... the 787 is still not there.
  19. GPU doesn't matter which CPU brand you pick, you can pick whatever you want. RTX2080S is slightly better or same as 1080ti I think. For selling it in like 6 months, I think the 2070S would cost at least as much as the 1070 costs today. I'm not living in USA so I don't know how GPU's sell there, but I would guess you should expect to loose around 200$ Personally I'm not expecting to play at 2K or 4K soon, so the 2070S will hopefully be enough for me so I'm not planning to upgrade to 3XXX series yet For the release date, no one really knows but I would say late September. There is also a chance that only 3080/3080ti gets released and 3070 a bit later, so if you don't have the money for 3080 there is a risk you'd have to wait even longer.
  20. Will you loose money if you buy now ? Yes I was in the same situation as you but I couldn't resist and bought a RTX 2070 Super. I'll probably regret it in 2 months when the 3070 releases, but hopefully the 2070S will handle MSFS just fine enough to make me not think about it. If you have the patience, wait.
  21. Aren't you never jealous when someone discovers a TV show you like and you already watched a couple of times? In the sense that he has the privilege to watch it from start without having any memory of it
  22. now its our turn to get excited and discover msfs 18 august for alpha testers is just another typical day for us it will bring joy and excitement, will they be jealous ? I think so
  23. If they fix their airliners first and reach an acceptable quality I may consider buying it. Otherwise I'll stick with the Majestic
  24. they better fix the A320/747/787 first otherwise I'll never buy DLC from microsoft. rather spent money on majestic
  25. So hoping that the airliners will be better in MSFS makes me entitled ... wow From the updates I see they keep updating the airliners and it's a 10 year project. I hope knowledgeable people will report every single inconsistency on their airliners so they can fix them
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