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    Hey! I'm IrishTnT, I'm an aviation enthusiast who re-installed FSX after 10 years of fun. I'm here to socialise and have fun!
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    Starting Out

    Hi there! So I'm new to FSX and Flight Simming! I last played FSX 10 years ago, when I was just a young-in. And now I've gotten back into it, I want to get serious. I'm nowhere near creating a full cockpit yet, both space and funding are problems. Also I'm in school. So I decided to build just a couple additions and add to that until I have the space and money. I've done some research on people like you building the most amazing cockpits I've ever seen! So kudos to you guys! I have a simple question, which I am slowly approaching with my terrible formatting of this: What software / hardware should I use? What I'm currently look at is Arduino's for the logic and standard switches / potentiomiters. Does anyone know any specific Arduino model that would work with this project or recommend any other chip? I think I still have a Raspberry Pi 1 lying somewhere. I could use that too. My present plan is to just construct the start of the overhead, so engine starters and some light / electricity switches. So I think that could fit onto 1-2 Arduinos or 1 Raspberry Pi 1. I have a joystick and throttle that'll do me for a good while, (Thrustmaster HOTAS One) so I'm good in that front. Again, any input would be greatly appreciated! TL;DR: New to serious flight simming, wondering if anyone has tips / recommendations for hard/software or equipment for building one or two components of the overhead. Thanks in advance, Irish.