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  1. Yes I know that, 

    I'm really familiar usually with FSXissues, but today after this windows update I'm totally stuck...


    and it's linked with dx10 , I tried to install dx9c like it is suggested on the forum, but my system refused to install it... I think FSX SE is not able to use dx9 anymore

  2. Thanks for your rreply,

    Yes I tried to do this: 

    "Right click on FSX in your library and select 'properties'

    under the local files section there's an option to 'check integrity of local files' or something similar"

    then at the end I have a message telling me that everything is fine... no file corrupted;

    But when I restart my computer, launch steam and FSX, and it doesn't work when I hit "fly now", just a black screen ... except with preview dx10 checked... 

    never happens before I really don't understand, what is sure that it began after a automatic windows update... I hate this!!!!


  3. hello fellows simmers,

    I'm using FSXsteam for now 5 years had never issue till now!

    After a huge automatic windows update, after loading fsx and reaching the menu, I hit "fly" and then black screen, nothing appears not even the loading bar with the pourcentage...

    I've done many researches  but I didn't find anything helpfull. 

    I now it's something with Direct X10 cause whan I click the preview box, it works! But with many graphics problems... 

    As I don't want use direct X10, I unchecked the box and then it freezes in black screen and I can't do anything! Just have to perform a hard reboot of my computer! 

    Is anybody experiencing this? Can I get help please? 

    Thanks for your consideration


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