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  1. Questions re installing msfs2020 on new pc.
    My son has just built me a brand new pc as a birthday present. Lucky me.
    I have a puchased BOX edition of msfs premium edition on my present pc.
    I want to download a digital edition of this onto my new pc and thus avoid the neccessity of having to have a disc inserted in a DVD drive in order to activate the simulator.
    I have logged into my microsoft store account but its not showing my previous purchase of msfs.
    If I download the premium edition from the store will I be able to activate it with the key code that came with my boxed edition? I originally purchases this from aerosoft.
    Much appreciate any advise.

  2. I would be obliged for some advise please. I am thinking about upgrading my GPU. My present system is GPU Nvidia GTX 1070. CPU is Intel i5-9600k @3.70Ghz. 6 cores 6 Threads. I have 32 GBytes of DDR4 memory and an Asus Prime Z370-P11.Motherboard

    Could I upgrade my GPU to a 3070 without having to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard? My sim is running fairly smoothly on high end graphics settings but tends to struggle when I introduce such addons as FSTL. Thanks in advance.

  3. Many thanks Dad. All understood. I have 2 ssd drives so no problem there. I note your location is KDAL. My eldest son and two grandaughter are flying out of there in a few hours time. Destination London and then onto Cork Ireland where I live. My youngest son flys a A350 for British Airways. So aviation is in our blood!

    Take care and thanks for your time. David

  4. OK. Thanks. When I first installed msfs I installed all discs (8 I think without looking at the box) onto my C drive. That was it. There were no additional packages at that time. Apologies for my ignorance. I'm 80 yrs old! Much  more adapt at fixing aeroplans in the old days than using computer software. Thanks for your patience.


  5. Many thanks for the information. It is more or less what I imagined will need to be done. Unfortunatley I have quite a slow internet connection. Ah well patience is a virtue as they say.  "BTW I suggest you install MSFS (recommended: any other drive than your 😄 drive)"  I'm not quite sure what you meane by this statement though?

  6. My apologies for delay in respoding to #hobart escin.  Thank you for your replay to my query. I wish I'd read your answer before I embarked on a full days frustration. I eventually got it working. Goodness knows how but I obviously pressed the right buttons!!

  7. Many thanks fofr your rapid responce. I'm indeed using a wireless connection. Your post suggest (if I'm correct) that I might have been connected ok to my router but the inernet connection might have been sparodic during the download of the windows update. I think this could have indeed been the problem as I have been experiencing bad internet conections of late. We are on a mobile internet service being in a very remote area in West Cork Ireland. I will try re booting the router and report back. Incidentally having downloaded windows updates this morning how can I re down load the same update? When I go to settings it says I'm now up to date. Thank you for your assistance.

  8. Could someone possibly help me please. Today for the first time ever when opening msfs2020 I got the message unable to open game "error code (0x80070002)". The only thing I did before trying to open the game was to update my Windows10 via the settings. Surely this shouldn't have affected it? I have tried numerous suggestions found on the internet without joy. Anyone else with this problem?

  9. 7 hours ago, abrams_tank said:

    It seems there was a brief hiccup yesterday with the servers being offline.  The servers are online again today.  And there was an issue with live traffic after SU6 yesterday but it seems to be fixed today?

    Anyways, I'm checking here at AVSIM and also at the official MSFS forums at forums.flightsimulator.com and the consensus is, most people are happy with this patch.  Some people are even saying this is the best state that MSFS has ever been in, especially after all the fixes Asobo made.  Most of the patch was actually fixes it seems, so MSFS should be more stable and the overall quality of life should have improved in MSFS.

    So what do you think about SU6?  Has MSFS reached a new level and this is the best that MSFS has ever been in?

    Well I exercised some rare patience and waited until 13:00 hrs to download latest patch. It payed off because for once the whole download process went without a hitch. Also my internet speed is only around 25mps so it took just over an hour to complete both download and other updates.

    My first flight was from EICK to EGPH in one of my favourites The Cessna Longitude. I used the stock model with WT G3000. All went well except I noticed warning lights and parking brake noise couldn't be turned off. I note that others have experienced these problems. On a later flight I used Dakflys longitude mod and all behaved as normal.

    My overall impressions are that this latest release is one of the best to date. Flying into Cork towards the West at around 18:00 the sunlight and lights from the city and airport where stunning. I'm so far a very happy pilot.

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  10. Yes I have always shut down engines (even in real aircraft) by leaning mixture control. I might have been misunderstood. The props kept turning in sim even after having shutdown. I was asking why prop control was not then feathering. Anyway since then I have been fiddling with controls in sim and have solved my problem.

    Thank you for your response. Happy flying.


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