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  1. Hi Alex. How can I both maintain a zoom level and keep the aircraft centred on map (in flight).
  2. Many thanks OSM. Will try on both those aircraft tomorrow. Interesting forecast for both you and myself (County Cork Ireland). Any interesting airstrips in your area? Cheers David
  3. This sounds great. Just to confirm what default and addon aircraft use these Garmin units? Apologies but just feeling lazy tonight.
  4. Just had a flawless VFR flight using good old VOR navigation from Bristol to Wycombe Air Park in UK. Thank you guys for these mods. Greatly appreciated and has saved one old timer from going back to XPlane. Keep up the good work!
  5. Well you now have me confused. I always thought I was using the G1000 mod with the TBM 930. Obviously not. Thanks fellows for putting me wise to this! Still curious though why the G3000 should be acting up as I experienced at EGGD earlier today.
  6. That's interesting Larry and thank you for your response to my post. Has this just started to happen since the recent patch or have you had it before?
  7. Not sure if this is the place or thread to mention this but it does relate to the G1000 mod. Have been using this with the TBM930 since it was released with satisfactory results. Today for the first time,and since the recent MSFS patch, on approach into Bristol EGGD the speedo froze at 140 kts along with the altimeter which stuck at 2000 feet. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
  8. Indeed it's not a Honeycomb problem. I am more than satisfied with mine and as bloodystump mentioned .. just single click the knobs.
  9. Great thanks tamsini. Incidentally my original should have read I agree with 1 and 3 but haven't experienced number 2.
  10. Would agree with 1 and 2 but have not experienced number 3. Also am I missing something but can someone tell me how to turn instrument panel lights on. I find then quite dark. Thanks.
  11. I'm with you there Ron. However in his defence he did say he's a professional nerd.
  12. Yes I watched this and it's excellent, but it's only applicable to IOS systems not to Android.
  13. My Moto G6 works OK but garmin A20 is not compatible. So far I find it a bit jerky and erratic but that's probably me not setting it up right!
  14. Since my last post I am finding Trackir a lot smoother than this app. Perhaps I'm not setting it up right. Not a big deal.
  15. Just finished setting mine up. Have assigned buttons on my Honeycomb Yoke to pause and toggle display. Works perfectly.
  16. For an old brain who is not very computer literate what is the music DAW environment, and how does one set about changing USB port power management? An explanation in layman's language would be greatly appreciated. Thanks is advance.
  17. Has happened to me twice flying into EGAA (Belfast Aldergrove). Very frustrating. Anyone else having problems at this location?
  18. It would be very helpful if someone could do a YouTube tutorial on setting this up.
  19. Just completed flight from EICK to EGPH. Huge improvement in power management and fuel usage. Thank you for this mod.
  20. Me too. Seems only way is to setup a cockpit camera view with CTRL+ALT number. I use number 2 (Alt+2). Overall I think this will be a great sim once sorted out but at present I'm surprised it was released so soon with so many bugs.
  21. Many thanks. I must be going blind in my old age! Cheers
  22. I can find the fuel flow but can't find the fuel quantity readouts. Where is it? Just ran out on a fairly short flight from Edinburgh to Cork.
  23. Well I beg to disagree. I've logged over 1500 hours in light aircraft such as Jodels, Cubs, Citabria, Falkes, and Cessnas. Yes I have experienced extreme conditions, however I feel it is exaggerated in this sim. If we could move our Garmins onto a separate monitor so that we can adjust knobs and switches with comfort I could live with it. I find adjusting these nav aids a hit and miss affair at present, especially as one can't turn off the labels.
  24. The problem I find with this turbulence is that between it and the labels it's very difficult to adjust knobs on the avionics. I've flown many light aircraft in the past and certainly experienced various levels of turbulence but not to the point of inability to adjust knobs and buttons. There should be a way in the sim of at least freezing the avionics whilst adjusting them. Also quite a lot of work remains to be done on them and the autopilot. If you could marry FS2020 graphics with Xplane aircraft and instruments you'd have a great simulator. Alas it's early days and I'm sure all the alpha testers experienced these niggles and eventually the developers will sort them out.
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