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  1. Thanks Jean-Luc. Just a quicky question. I'm placing the GTN750 gauge in Cessna Citation. No problem sizing it and moving it around but for the life of me I can't dock it to the panel. I need to be able to look aroung cockpit and zoom in and out without the gauage moving around also. What am I missing here? I know this is off subject but having got so far you'd make my day by sorting this out. I'm sure its very simple. The manual is not too clear on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Big advance today. 1. Uninstalled both GTN750 and any files associated with RealityXP from both my C and D drives. 2. Uninstalled Carenado Citation. 3. Reinstalled RealityXP onto my D drive where xplane 11 runs. 4. Loaded plugin to Standard Cessna. GTN750 fired up ok but still with same problems (logo and my name and when hit continue button blank screen). My heart missed a beat. 5. Remembered what Jean-Luc told me about computer running two graphic cards. 6. Checked that xplane was running on Nvidia and not intel. Xplane indeed was. However when I checked GTN.exe I discovered it was still on intel and changed this to Nvidia. Turned off computer and rebooted. 7. Hey presto it worked! 8. Conclusion: It apears that the graphics were the problem. Next task is to reinstall Citation. Fingers crossed. However I'm fairly confident that this should now work. I'll report tomorrow. Bed time here now! Thanks Jean-Luc for your help. It pays to persevere.
  3. As far as I am aware I never right click on mouse button and use "run as administer". I always either double click or right click and click open. Last time I opened xplane and ran ciation gtn750 screen stayed on after pressing continue button. Button also stayed blue but notthing happened.
  4. Incidentally here are my latest log files 19/01/09 17:10:44.726 05656 - ] # win.xpl version 19/01/09 17:10:44.726 05656 INFO ] 19/01/09 17:10:48.542 05656 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/01/09 17:10:48.541 05656 INFO ] 19/01/09 17:14:18.972 04920 INFO ] 19/01/09 17:14:20.319 10232 INFO ] GFX Debug: enabled. 19/01/09 17:22:39.975 08896 INFO ] 19/01/09 17:22:40.734 07084 INFO ] GFX Debug: enabled. 19/01/09 17:24:00.202 10436 INFO ] 19/01/09 17:24:00.928 09468 INFO ] GFX Debug: enabled.
  5. Yes done that but no difference. Turn on plugin in simulator. Screen comes up with my name and garmin logo. When I press continue button screen goes blank. I go back to plugin menu turn it of and then on again and screen comes back on until again I press continue button when it goes blank again. Its as if its not receiving and data for screen icons. The only other thing I can think of is that Reality download went to my C drive whereas Xplane 11 is running on my D drive. Also in Display settings in Plugin under Screen Rheostat Source Index: should this be set at 0,1,2,or 3.
  6. Well I did a complete re download and install today. Regretfully still no joy. Garmin screen comes up with logo and my name. Press continue button and the screen goes blank. Perhaps it's a hard earned lesson for a retired vintage pilot like myself that I should not be trying to install avionics at my age! Stick to aircfaft with built in avionics. If anyone out there has the Carenado S550 citation with the GTN750 installed I'd be much obliged it they would send me their RealityXP.GTN ini file PLUS any other useful tips for installing. In the meantime I'll keep the program on disk and fly aircraft like the Eclipse 550 NG and Cirrus SF-50 which have excellent Garmin equipment. Thank you for your help and sorry that it did'nt work out for me.
  7. No problem. As you see I'm still working on my problems with GTN750 installation to Citation S555. Cheers from Ireland
  8. 1. Trainer is running ok as standalone. 2. Have altered RealityXP.GTN.ini as suggested and places DebugValue and LogTrainer. [GTN_750_1] DebugValue = 0 LogTrainer = 0 3. Forced Nvidia card to run as per page 16 of manual. 4. Sorted Control Folder Access Controls. rxpGTN.xpl.log now looks like this 19/01/08 20:04:46.942 16168 - ] # win.xpl version 19/01/08 20:04:46.942 16168 INFO ] rxpGtnSim.dll.log now looks like this 19/01/08 20:04:50.144 16168 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/01/08 20:04:50.143 16168 INFO ] 19/01/08 20:07:23.224 11536 INFO ] 19/01/08 20:07:23.864 08948 INFO ] 19/01/08 20:12:26.292 12452 INFO ] 19/01/08 20:13:26.951 07108 INFO ] 19/01/08 20:13:57.179 05440 INFO ] Thanks for your help. In the meantime I'll try and contact the guy who made the Youtube video of Citation using the GTN750 and find out what his settings are.
  9. Many thanks for your responce to my problem and sorry for delay in replying. First of all here is my GTN.ini file from D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/commom/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Carenado S550_Citation_11_v1,2
  10. Hi fppilot. Did my post 'problem with RXP gtn 750' not show on forum yet? I'm new to this so please excuse any errors.
  11. Could someone help me with the following please. I'm running Xplane 11 Steam edition on Windows 10. I recently purchased both Cerenado Citation S550 which installed without problems. I then purchased the Reality GTN 750 to add to this aircraft. The trainer seems to have installed ok. I have got as far as positioning the item as required. My problem is that when I turn on aircraft batteries the GTN panel comes alive with Garmin Logo and my name on it. However when I click on continue it goes blank and nothing happens. I have tried turning power off, waiting for 20 secs and then on again but no joy. I would like to attach rxpGTN.xpl.log and rxpGtnSim.dll.log. also the RealityXP.GTN.ini file but being new to this forum I can't find out how to do this. Also a bit confused about tags Could you please give an example of how you manually add the keys DebugValue=0 and Log Trainer=0 in the RealityXp.GTN.ini file as per your Troubleshooting page. (What section [GTN_###_#] ] I find this a bit confusing..sorry! Also you say in Windows 10 "controlled folder acces should be turned on or off". Which one..on or off? I am also flying the Eclipse550 from Aerobask which appears to have a GTM750 installed without any problems. Look forward to any help. In advance Thank you.
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