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  1. Maybe he just could not because the solution is not to be mentioned on AVSIM? Thougt about that? There are not many things that do change the lighting in P3D. 😉 But I hope ORBX is updating AUv2 with their excelent "extended night lighting". That would be the better solution for me.
  2. What? It is absolutly irrelevant how the folder is named or where it is installed on your computer. You point p3d to the singel folders for each region with in the scenery editor of p3d. Not in the scenery.cfg with a text editor (I mean you can, but I would not recommend to try it that way). It is much easier: In Windows Explorer, create a folder for the new scenery anywhere on your hard drive. You allready did that. e.g. D:\P3D\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSGN\AFR\ Copy the Scenery and Texture folders for the new scenery into the folder you just created. AFR, ANT and so on are your new scenerys, they contain all the data from FS Global for each region. All you have to do is to add them to the scenery library. Start P3D and on the bottom click the Scenery button to enter the scenery library. In the Scenery Library click Add area. In the Select scenery directory, select the folder containing the new scenery e.g. D:\P3D\Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSGN\AFR\. In the Scenery area name text box, type the name as you want it to appear in the Scenery Area list. Select Cache this scenery or Use this scenery directly. Click OK. Even easier with the excelent FREE tool from Lorby 😍! Just google "Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer".
  3. Just make sure you activate the live cloud texture sync. in SF. That's why you need to start SF before p3d. I switched the clouds in SF every time I was in the mood to do so. But honestly SF generates just a vast amount of different clouds with one set that it is hard to tell them apart. You are right GEKtheReaper. I ment SkyForce (SF). Thanks for the correction. EnvironmentForce and ASCA both work together, I use them both. But that is for an other thread.
  4. You pretty much got it. 👍 When it comes to clouds it is either or with SF and ASCA. You have to chose. If you want SF clouds and structures activate them and turn them off in ASCA. No, you dont have to worry about them. The rain effects from ENVTEX just replace the build in rain effects. Rain shafts are part of the cloud structur moddels. Also you can disable the sky 24h because ASCA will inject the sky colors dynamically with your settings, or leave it on doesn't matter. ASCA will install your sky textures. Keep the integration option ON. You allready disabeld clouds in your ENVTEX settings there for it won't do anything to your clouds. EF will just overwrite any other cloud textures once you installed your theme. You probbably already know that you dont have to run envdir every time you start the sim just EF and Aktivsky. ASCA start automaticly with AS4. Enjoy your sim Anson.
  5. Sorry my bad. You are right, there is no visibility setting, it is caled fog mode in the mini UI. That should be set to "Off" if you want to have AS4 to take full control over the visibility. When left to "Auto" EF cause trouble on my system with cloud visibility reduction function from AS4.
  6. You need a decent rig but nothing too powerful. Even users with i9 9900k and rtx2080ti reporting issues. But there are so many opinions out there that it can be hard to set things up properly since fs9. Until you find your settings flightsimming reminds me of old timer cars and Harleys. 50% of the time fixing/tuning and 50% on the road. In the end it is very satisfying when everything works until the next addon that brakes your setup. That's not to say I have the solution for everyone and I am saying anyone here is wrong. But you don't get a smooth flying experience by just throwing money at your sim. What works for me: - Frames limited to 33 in P3d and important set the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01. Try that, I have no blurries. It is controversially discussed but this are the same settings as if you use unlimited. You get the same frames because if you limit frames internally, p3d set FFTF=0.33, that is where your 10-20% frame lost comes from with limited frames (easy to test this hypothesis. Set p3d to unlimited and set FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33). - I run my i7 6700 without hyper thread. That made a huge difference when it came to texture loading in batches. - My gtx1080 is slightly overclocked as my VRAM and I limit the frames for the GPU to 35 with GPU TWEAK. Raising the VRAM speed is helped in heavy cloud situations but doesn't change my frames. - Last tweak that helped with late loading of airports is textur bandwidth multiplicator=1024. This one is tricky though. Standard value is 30. It is possible to calculate the maximum, depending on your GPU speed and VRam type and speed. With my 1080 witch uses GDDR5 you could go higher and with an GTX 20xx even higher. That said it is tricky because there is not one value for all systems and when set wrong it can utterly destroy frames and cause micro stutters. I never use unlimited and there is no gain in doing so on my PC in my opinion. I stopped hunting for frames and go for smoothness instead. With TrackIR everything around 30 fps is fine as long as I don't get stutters or black textures. And even when the frames go down to 18-20 on approach at ORBX Heathrow it is flyable with p3d v4.5. But I have to admit I don't fly there because at Heathrow my settings are to high for my system. Flightbeam KPDX with Orbx Portland and region in stormy weather no problem. I don't use the 30Hz and vsync method anymore because it is slightly worse when panning the view fast with TrackIR. Although it is in my opinion a very solid method and worth a try. Takes much less time to get it right that way. I like to keep my settings the same all over the world: For comparision p3d settings: 3840x2160x32, texture resulution 4096x4096 and 7cm, high-resolution textures and high detail radius, tesselation ultra, mesh 2m, scenery complexity extremely dense, draw distance very high, dense autogen, water high, reflection clouds, special effects all high, shadow quality low, shadow draw distance ultra, with terrain and clouds casting shadows. cfg tweaks: FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=1024 OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=4096 Good luck with finding your personal settings and have fun.
  7. That is what I do. Make sure to have the texture size in EF and SF both set to the same values. I prefer the weather smoothing from EF's automation mode. Therefore I set the max visibility in AS4 to 200 nm (just one generated layer instead of 3 by AS4). EF mini UI fog mode should be "Auto", if it is set to "Manual" or "Off" flick the EF weather smoothing function off and on again. If you want to use AS4 for visibility control and EF weather smoothing. Please make sure that in the EF mini UI the visibility control is set to "Off". Hope that my explanation makes sense. EF is fantastic but takes some time to get used to.
  8. @spilok Why both if you do not use the rex weather engine? I use EF (with SF textures at 512 dtx5) + Asca (just for ENVTEX sky textures) + Active Sky. It is so good and the frames are just perfect. But you are right SF and EF there might be a problem. Got several strange problemes with the cloud injection, suddenly p3d standard cloud textures and yes also frames cut by half and I also installed and uninstalled EF to solve them. Better not to bother with SF + EF when using AS4. By the way just ask in the REX forum. Fs1 is realy caring and responsive. After I deleted SF from my start.bat every thing works now since the last patch. My advice at the moment never run EF+SF+AS4 at the same time. Some user said they had to disable the global cirrus overcast layer option. I like that cirrus overcast very much and did not have an issue with that but maybe it helps? I have the feeling it is SF that is messing up the frames. And EF does pic the textures from SF so there is no need to run them both. Try it, you don't lose anything.
  9. @mobiel 1) You start ENVDIR 2) go to the ENVTEX settings 3) got to the sky selection page, here in the bottom row you have the option selection "sky for ASCA". Chose what you like set 1 or set 2. Same goes for the clouds (clouds selection page). 4) Dont forget to set the path for ASCA in the ENVDIR settings. And enable the ASCA Integration. 5) Also here (ENVDIR settings page 2) is where you have the option to disable ENVSHADE for PTA/Tomatoshade use. TOGA integrated an option for this! 6) Save the settings and install Here a quote from the FAQ: "Is Envshade compatible with PTA and Tomatoshade ? Yes... and no, depending on the settings applied in PTA, both products can interfer and completely destroy your simulator shaders. While this can be simply reverted by the Envdir restore function, we recommend not to use PTA at the same time as Envshade. To use Envshade, please first restore your default simulator shaders in PTA. To use PTA, please disable Envshade or make a restore first if it was already installed. No specific actions are needed if you don't use PTA." Hope this helps and please RTFM 😉
  10. 1) Uninstall EzDok 3 2) Disable Windows Defender 3) Reinstall EzDok 3 4) Enable Windows Defender and set a exception rule for the folder: C:\Program Files\EZCA3 5) EzDok will tell you to update by it self or just use the link your fellow simmer awf profided to you Maybe I can help you Frank. Worked for me.
  11. @Baerchen I have the same problem. Head up. Your not alone 😉 Uninstalled EzDok, reinstalled and applyed the latest patch. Do not forgett to follow Manny Oritz's advise! @Manny Ortiz thank you. 👍
  12. Omg what have I just done by posting .cfg tweaks. @Reader TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=1024 (default is 30) works for me and yes TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 is set via p3d texture resolution slider.
  13. Yes Sir I can. It was not my intention to say you are wrong. In fact I just wanted to give some feedback for someone that is not running the sim with such great setting as you guys do. So please go on your tips are very good and worthwile. Did not mean to offend anyone, sorry if I did. 😧
  14. Short note for users that do not use texture exp=10 or more advanced .cfg tweaks. HD Buildings does not overload my system. I use dense settings for autogen buildings where befor I had to use normal. I did my tests in Orbx region SoCal (KLAX) and never used more than 6 GB VRAM on my GTX1080. No offence to some of you guys in this thread but I think you have very special settings (and the knowlege how to set things up!) that most users should not even attempt to replicate with more ordinary pc specs. If in doubt wait for some reviews that will surley come. But dont get discouraged by this downsizing discussion. On my end there is no need for this with dense settings as long as you have 8 GB of VRAM available p3d in 4k with 4k textures no problem. For comparision p3d settings for my tests: 3840x2160x32, texture resulution 4096x4096 and 7cm, high-resolution textures and high detail radius, tesselation ultra, mesh 5m Scenery complexity extremely dense, draw distance high, dense autogen Water high, reflection clouds, special effects high cfg tweaks: FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=1024 OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=4096 i7-6700 and GTX1080 (both overclocked) Thanks and now back to the downscaling thread 😉
  15. First impression! ORBX did it again. First test with my old GTX 1080 8 GB VRAM and the performance seems to be amazing so far. With ORBX trees/ Terra flora I could give the density setting one extra notch. With ORBX Buildings HD the same. One notch up and steady frames. Approach on KLAX With ORBX SoCal in the A2A Bonanza weather (06/29 2000z) max VRAM usage 5,4 GB with dense autogen, draw distance high, high-resolution textures and high detail radius.
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