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  1. Is there a way to change the term "Lufthansa 456, climb to flight level 270" to "Lufthansa 456, climb flight level 270"? It's a bit annoying to always hear the incorrect phrases especially when using P2ATC for training purposes...
  2. Okay, I was confused because it said I was banned and my initial post has been hidden. What about the question? Doable?
  3. Why exactly was I banned for this?!
  4. Hey, I had the best (or the dumbest) idea ever! Bare with me: a) P2ATC is the most sophisticated ATC solution out there b) it can not control, nor communicate with in-game AI Traffic, neither native nor addon c) X-Plane ATC is able to communicate AND control native AI d) --> Why not (if technically feasable) merge the two together X-ATC Chatter Style?! You would instead of X-ATC Chatter get the X-Plane Traffic Controllers and AI readbacks in between. That way you would have P2ATC magic + situational awareness all the time! I'm not sure if and how much of the X-Plane ATC spoken commands are readable for a plugin, but it would be a game changer if it were possible. Don't you think?
  5. Yeah, I had an idea this was the only way... Maybe some time in the future you could do a dropdown PTT Menu like in X-Plane That's pretty convinient.
  6. Is there a simple way to interact with P2ATC solely by Buttons?! e. g. "Ready for Departure" call - can this be shortened by a hotkey, without the hassle of selecting it in the dropdown menu of SayIt+?
  7. Hey, I just wondered if there is a chance to "reduce" the features of MCE individually... I like the plugin, but for me I really only use the checklists pretty much. Even after much calibrating I too often seem to get different commands done by the FO than requested. Maybe it's just me talking lazy, but anyway I'd like to get rid of it. So if there is a tweak to only enable checklists and specifically generated flows, and nothing else, I would be happy. But I guess this kind of downgrading isn't something that will be provided...? edit: alternatively starting a flow by an action (like disarm speedbrakes = after landing flow) would help me too
  8. No, there is no such thing! How do I install this?!
  9. Any Update on AI Traffic recognition? Althoug XP12 map shows Traffic Global planes, as well as World Traffic 3 planes, as well as XP default Traffic, but none of them is recognised by P2ATC...
  10. I'm on MCE X-Plane 12 1.6.60 and flying the Toliss A321. I also noticed that even with the patch you provided no callouts on reverse green and spoilers are made after landing. Furthermore - even though "verbose" is switched off, I constantly hear the "stobe lights on, landing lights on" call during the flows.
  11. My FO just extended the slats on me at FL340 and Mach .78... immediate overspeed warning... I came to the cockpit coughing... shouldn't this be prohibited?
  12. That is a nice feature, and I'm already using that when I'm in cruise, because it happens frequently on a 2-12 hour flight that somewhere in my environment noises are picked up and misinterpreted as commands (which, if unnoticed could have catastrophic consequences). But on the other hand I need my FO ready, for I have several memory.item chacklist flows programmed and in case of a rapid depressurization or TCAS RA I need quick actions and don't have time to remember that I muted him. We're talking high-level improvements here of course. All these issues arise simply because your plugin is so great! P.S.: Not so great is that I don't hear "reverse green" and "spoilers" callouts anymore on landings (TOLISS A319 / 321 /346)... could I have accidentally disabled it?
  13. I tend to agree. My dream scenario would be to be able to EXACTLY choose which commands AND callouts are enabled. It's nice to be able to chat with you FO and the developers did an amazing job in regard of what's possible. But to be honest, 98 % of the flights all commands and callouts are pretty much the same and it's sometimes irritating to have your FO do sth or switch sth just because you cough or whatever^^ Also an advantage would be that similar commands wouldn't get mixed up like it sometimes happens. So if there was an option e.g. to ONLY allow MCE to recognize Voxscript commands, customizability would be 100 %!
  14. Awesome! MCE is and stays the single best Addon for X-Plane and MSFS!
  15. Is it possible to somehow choose which callouts shall be activated and which shouldn't? I'd like to have "100 knots" on takeoff roll for example, but not "V1" (it's automatic by the A/C), also not "V2" but I'd like to keep "positive rate". On descent I may not need "one thousand" for it's automatic as well... any chance these things can be tempered with? edit: Also, I reeeeally don't want these "Transition altitude, set Standard" anymore, they're so annoying and usually come way after I've already set things up
  16. Same for Toliss aircraft (and I think actually pretty much every aircraft I tried). 70 knot callout at around 35 knots no spoilers, reverse green at all
  17. Just coming in for a quick update here... Is now that Laminar seemingly has opened the AI Traffic Source Codes (?) possible that P2ATC communicates with them?
  18. Very much in favor of this! I think it's an issue with the SDK for X-Plane Developers, isn't it? not sure...
  19. I noticed that P2ATC says "cleared to cross runway XYZ" when a runway crossing occurs. IRL it is only "cross runway XYZ" to prevent confusion with takeoff clearances
  20. Is it known that at the moment Traffic Global with X-Plane 12 is not being communicated with by P2ATC? Also, lately I had P2ATC say "wined" istead of "whinds", although I checked the box... And, most important of all - the plugin frequently stops working in mid-flight. Sometimes I get it to work again by fiddeling around and requesting assigned frequency, but not always... On the beta 5 here
  21. Woah, thanks man... it's not THAT big an issue^^ It's just strange, because I remember being able to call the flow "go around" and couldn't see the reason for that to change. But yes, if there's a fix I would welcome it. Another thing I'm experiencing (sorry for the many questions, I'm setting MCE up for good atm) is with the checklists. As far as I know "//2" means only the F/O replies to the item. Now I set up the whole PREFLIGHT CL to be all "//2" settings, but some items he wants me to verify, too. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Some items it works, some items it doesn't...strange! edit: I MAY have an idea why it's not working. I found that he waited for a reply mostly on very long items (with lots of characters). So I shortened some and it worked. Could be coincidental though...
  22. I did that, but my point is that it's strange not to be able to call "go around" when you decide to go around...
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