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  1. On 12/5/2021 at 2:46 PM, DEHowie said:

    Using my modified volumetric cloud cfg i am absolutely loving 5.3.

    They still need to bump the resolution on the cloud edges and random clouds or add some fade but the atmosphere of these clouds is unmatched in any sim ive used.

    If you have ever flown a real aircraft and been deep in a dark grey cloud then punched out the side with the light increasing then jumping to brilliant light with white clouds all around bathed in sunshine P3D gives you that sensation.

    Clouds are not perfect but the atmosphere is the thing. the cloud lighting is brilliant. The white tops of the passing showers/CB's that you can see through grey and sunlit sides is simply outstanding.

    Someone finally gets it.


    . spacer.pngspacer.png

    If you have ever flown around heavy rainshowers..


    As i was saying look at the white tops that transition to increasing yellow in lower levels and the grey non lit cloud sections.



    By messing with the worley noise to get rid of the waffle pattern at least on my system they substantially impacted performance. Clouds are always going to be a tight rope of detail and appearance versus performance..they need to work on cloud res or a way to lower the appearance of smaller lower res cloud sprites which look to prominent for there size.overall the atmosphere even now is quite awesome and giving you that feeling of yes thats what it feel like to blast out into the sun.

    Woww the first shot looks amazing! Do you mind sharing your .cfg with us?

    All the best!



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