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  1. 16 hours ago, skully said:

    Meh- VR implementation should be delayed until VR headsets can produce 4k images at 60fps- the current tech with the screen door effect won't do the visuals of new sim justice.

    Nice attempt though at being provocative.

    The Pimax 8K-X have 4K screens per eye and 170 degree horizontal FOV (will release in december 2019). My 2080Ti/9900K combo can run this. In one year (when MSFS2020 is released) I can upgrade my 2080Ti .... so running dual 4K screens in VR is doable. And what about the VR hardware in 2 years - and still no VR support in MSFS2020?

    I will ignore the "Nice attempt though at being provocative" insult. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, Grindathotte said:

    There's hope for me with my 1080 then (i7 8087)!  This runs AFS2 in VR with no problems, but I've never tried it with X-Plane as it seemed that people with even relatively powerful CPUs and GPUs were reporting slow frame-rates.

    There is hope for everybody, including those with not the latest GPU/CPU hardware. MS just need to make sure Asobo implement VR support in this flagship flight simulator before launch.

    It will be embarrassing to release this super advanced high tech software with no VR support in 2020 - remember the release is (at least) 1 year from now. The CP/GPU and VR harware will improve until then. But, the VR hardware is today 'good enough' as a bare minimum in my opinion (Valve Index, HP Reverb, Pimax 5K+/8K+/8K-X, HTC Vive Pro, Odyssey +)  

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  3. 25 minutes ago, vortex681 said:

    As it uses a different graphics engine to either P3D or FSX, you have no way of knowing whether or not it will be "good enough". As far as I'm aware, neither of Asobo's most recent games (The Crew 2 and A Plague Tale) have VR support so it may not be quite as straightforward to implement it as some suggest.


    You may be right about that it is not straightforward for Asobo to implement VR in MSFS2020. Asobo better start VR implementation  now so that it is ready at launch. Perhaps Microsoft needs to motivate the development team? Developing a brand new modern flight simulator with no VR support? Really?

  4. 28 minutes ago, Grindathotte said:

    Given the incredible achievements already accomplished, VR support (at least whilst still using physical controls) is relatively trivial.  But VR also requires high frame rates and no stutters.  Skipping a few frames now and then on a monitor is barely noticieable, but soon becomes nauseating in VR (not saying that I have seen any evidence of stuttering).  I suspect that they would rather delay official VR support until they know it works well, rather than risk scores of complaints from unhappy customers.  Why should everyone else have to wait?  I'm a keen VR user myself and may not even buy this until VR support is there, but I don't see why it has to be there at launch.  Maybe there is a case for an initial Insider VR launch.

    I can run FSX/Prepar3D/XP11 fine in VR (Pimax 5K+) - and those sims have very bad performance.

    MSFS2020 will not perform worst than P3D/FSX - so VR performance in MSFS2020 will be "good enough" - most important is to actually support VR at launch.

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  5. In a recent podcast with AV sim, Microsoft says this about VR:

     VR: Cannot say at the moment whether it will be there on first release but trying to prioritise it


    Well, this is better that "No VR at launch - and MAYBE it will come...some day, maybe" - but it is still not good enough - sorry MS.

    Microsoft need to say: "Yes, we listen to the community, Yes, native VR support will be in the simulator at launch"

  6. "In the trailer we have seen super nice pictures. I'm thankfull. But, if there are no deep simulation aircrafts (like pmdg, aerosoft, ...) at the beginning, it will be useless for many."

    Useless is to strong word. I would love to have deep aircrafts at launch...but I completely understand that this is probably not going to happen. I will still buy it with a smile.

    I can happily wait until the F-16C aircraft are released as addon for MSFS2020 by Milviz.

  7. 18 minutes ago, threegreen said:

    Probably nothing other than MSFS seems to actually be a new sim because they're not building on but from FSX.

    I hope you are right. But I can`t shake the feeling of "FSX compatible addons"...or that FSX and MSFS2020 will somehow be linked together.... well, we just have to wait and see.

    "More on our FSX plans coming soon…"

    What? why?

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  8. Microsoft:

    "The return of Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an important step in embracing our accountability and responsibility to those that have come before us. And to those that continue to value and invest in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X experience.

    That passion, investment, and appreciation must be recognized and reflected in our commitment to carry the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise into the next generation. We are not building on, but building from, the product and history that is Microsoft Flight Simulator X."

    I am really confused by that MS statement....what does this mean for MSFS2020?

  9. On 7/2/2019 at 11:28 PM, mwilk said:

    I sent mine back two weeks ago because of flashing in the right display. HP won't even exchange them for another. they told me they had no additional stock and just refunded my money.

    The HP reverb seems very interesting for simming because of the insane resolution. But it IS a LCD. How do you rate the black levels and color depth? What about a moonless night flight with the reverb? Do you have any of the OLED HMD's to compare? Does the reverb give a greyish screen during nights?

  10. 7 hours ago, glider1 said:

    There is a Pimax 5K XR OLED available now. Can you exchange yours for it?

    I am seriously considering.

    The Pimax XR OLED has the worst SDE of all HMD's - not recommended. Actually, I don't recommend Pimax at all. The ONLY nice thing about the Pimax is the FOV. Don't buy a Pimax. 

    It seems we need to choose between crisp resolution or crisp colors/black level. The only three HMD's with pure blacks are the OLED HMD's. And in my world those are O+, Vive and Vive Pro (and for me, I think I would prefer the O+ for the A-SDE and price). The the new LCD HMD's (Valve Index, Rift S and HP Reverb) just don't have pure blacks/colors. And for me THAT is the most important. I love flying in the dusk/night.

    I suspect and hope Samsung will soon(TM) release a new version of the O+ with better comfort and higher resolution while still using AMOLED screens with their A-SDE tech 🙂 

  11. Hi,

    I have a Pimax 5K+ .... and it kinda sucks. Great FOV - but that is it. The colors and blacklevels are horrendous! During evening/night flights I am sourrounded by this grey soup....and it is really annoying, and I will never "get used to it" or "adapt"


    So, the problem is that only the O+ and Vive Pro has OLED screens, the rest are LCD (like my Pimax 5K+). The new HP reverb has insane resolution...but is still a LCD. When I think about it I need a OLED display with Samsung O+ anti screendoor filter at reverb resolutions.....don't we all!


    What are you guys thinking? Would you go for higher resolution LCD or lower resolution OLED?

  12. 57 minutes ago, SilentChill said:

    I have a Reverb and it honestly is amazing with its  2150x2160 res makes every gauge readable from sitting in your seat....[snip]

    I have a Pimax 5K+ but it sucks. Yeah, great FOV - but the rest is really really bad in my opinion (including build quality and support - stay away). The black levels in the Pimax 5K+ is very bad.

    How is the HP Reverb's black level during dark moonless night flights? In my Pimax 5K+ it is not black! There is always a very noticeable grey'ish filter over the whole image, and the colors looks blant and washed (I have adjusted PiTool brightness and contrast, and P3D v4.5 light setting). Dark nights is not possible in the Pimax 5K+   

    How is the HP Reverb's tracking? Small slow head movements in a flight sim (P3D, FSX or XP11)... 

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