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  1. I really wish they'd stop doing whatever it is they do -- the latest update (1.6.3) bricked my 3D integration of the 750 again.

    I'm finding the waypoints are not populating sim/cockpit2/radios/indicators/gps_nav_id (even with the option update simulator GPS waypoints.)

    Bugs me out as this plane is very nice with the 750.



    PS. I didn't post on the XA forum because they are not receptive to a 750 (because they all use Mac's.)

  2. 8 hours ago, evaamo said:

    Nice! Is there a way you could document what you did and share it with us? That wouldn't break any rule 😉

    Thanks in advance!


    I fear that would be too complex for lot -- as I had to modify clickspots in AC3D. However, I think there is a private message feature. 😉😉 

    4 hours ago, julietsierrappl said:

    Wow....I would love this. My favorite sim plane along with the 732. Love the Civa but it´s limited in dynamic complex traffic heavy approaches and departures and I just don´t like the generic fmc. Wonder if any upgrades are coming for the 732 and 721/2 post q400, which is looking mighty good in and of itself.


      I think there is a private message feature. 😉😉 

  3. If you're wanting to use @Bourrinopathe original mod with the newer Laminar Cessna 172, you can find it here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/65361-laminar-cessna-172-gtn-750650/

    All I did was take his original work and apply it to the newer model.

    You should not have any issues with it -- I did test it with REP and cannot find any problems.

    All click points/etc remain and work.


    This is my contribution to Burrino being so kind to let me use his 3D models in my integrations and giving me the inspiration to do these when I tested his first rendition. 🙂

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  4. 3 minutes ago, ark said:

    I use FSUIPC6 and cannot duplicate your problem, so it must be something that you have setup in FSUIPC6 that is causing the problem.


    Yep! I just deleted my INI file and let it start fresh -- no issues with airbrake.

    I am completely baffled at what it could have been -- I don't use FSUIPC to much extent but just assigning some default buttons to my gear so that I can use profiles (like I do in X-Plane.)

    I don't know if you are one I was talking to in the ticket but if so, you can close it. 🙂


    Thank you for awesome plane!!


  5. Hi,

    Just picked up the plane and found this forum (did sent email to FSW support.)

    I'm having issue with the air brake -- I can't seem to get it to function properly.

    At moment I'm using the mouse in the VC to interact with the air brake.

    - Tick handle to position 1 -- center brake panels raise up

    - Tick handle to position 0 -- center brake panels stay up (should lower)

    - Tick handle to position 2 -- center panel is still up; outer and inner do not raise

    - Tick handle to position 0 -- center panel is still up; should retract down


    I've reinstalled p3d v5 content. I've reinstalled the plane. I've tried default plane. I cannot figure out why this isn't working.

    I even tried mapping the G1000 buttons in the manual to two switches on my throttle and got the same result.

  6. header.png

    Hi there!

    I think some of you (maybe) know me from all the Reality XP GTN integrations I've done for the community. I appreciate your support and I wanted to share some exciting news! After some grueling time coding I have officially opened my own Virtual Airline that is based off my childhood dream of operating a transportation company named 'Walker Air Transport'. It's been quite the journey and at least over the past year I've had so many messages and asks around social media about how to get my liveries or be part of the brand. It was refreshing and exciting to see others excited in my brand -- just so you know the avatar/logo of my virtual airline is actually me. I work in IT and I traveled a lot (until recently as my role shifted) so my logo became me in the airport, with a backpack, and a ball cap which is how I always travel (comfort!). Fast forward to now--after several months of coding and help from some very close friends I have finally finished and opened it to the public.

    Here are the simple straight-forward details. I recommend you go visit the website, read it, and maybe join us. Once you get in there you'll see how great (we think) it is.

    • We have 17 hubs stationed in the U.S., UK, and Europe.
    • We have 64 different aircraft types and over 120 liveries available -- they are all designed in-house with high level of quality control (I'm an OCD perfectionist.) We have planes from the C172 all the way to the A321. You can see a full listing of our fleet on the site.
    • We have schedules developed in the US and Europe that are based on the following real-world airlines; Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, DHL, Fedex, UPS, EasyJet, Flybe, Ryanair, Air Malta. 53,642 schedules to be exact.
    • We have 3 individual flight operations that act as airlines; Cargo, Charter, and Scheduled. Each one of these has its own fleet to fly and routes (except Charter, that is completely up to you to decide where you wish to fly from and to--there are 44k airports available.)
    • Every flight allows you to pick what you want to fly: yes, our schedules are open. You will get a pop up window that says "Pick your airframe." How often do you see that?
    • We use the SmartCARS application to track flights.
    • We are completely automated -- that means no hub managers, no waiting for a PIREP to be approved.
    • We have a rank and points system that you are awarded for things such as: taking at least 20 minutes to do preflight, using takeoff and landing flaps, maintaining speed under 10k feet, how hard or soft you land.
    • We use a depart last arrival system; if you fly a scheduled or cargo flight you will need to depart from the last location. If you find yourself in a dead-end, let us know and we can fix that. However, we do offer jump seat services if you wish to just move somewhere else.
    • We have Simbrief integration with an output that gives you the details you need very quickly; we also allow our pilots to chose their format and weight type (KGS or LBS.)
    • Our platform uses Leaflet maps. Our booking system is map based (get a look at where you can fly to from your current location and click the pin.)
    • The base of my platform is phpVMS but it is supercharged beyond anything you've seen--it's all done in house by me.
    • We're constantly adding on to it: in the works now is an event center and award center.

    I think that's enough... you should come see us.

    You can visit us on the web at https://walkerair.us

    PS: I'm willing to answer questions but please don't post things that are available on the website if you were to go look. Thanks!

  7. I can't seem to get this to work.

    I ran it on 1 tile; got bunch of autogen files in textures; load it up in P3D V4 and nothing -- all I get is the ortho tile and zero autogen buildings/trees/roads.

    Any thoughts?

    I've posted over on ScenProc forum and Arno says my log is fine.



    I figured it out -- it's OSM.

    I started looking at OSM files that were downloaded for Scenproc and one of them (area where I am at) has literally nothing; no houses, trees, buildings, roads, etc. I then opened another OSM (it downloaded 4 of them) and it had everything; OSM looked normal. I loaded P3D to that airport in area and there were buildings.

    I'm seeing notice on OSM Java app that they are overloaded--wondering if that's why my OSM data is messed up.


    UPDATE #2

    So. Just 1 tile -- had 4 OSM files downloaded in scenproc_osm_data; 2 of the 4 have zilch -- no houses, buildings, trees while the other 2 do.

    Any thoughts?

    Tile I'm doing is +30-082 -- this is Jacksonville, FL which is insanely populated.

    UPDATE #3

    Tried another tile and exactly same issue -- 1 scenproc OSM has nothing in it; 2nd has everything, 3rd nothing, 4th everything.

    Not really sure what to do at this point.

    UPDATE #4

    It turns out that the issue is folder--at some point it only downloaded 4 OSM files for scenproc; until I deleted folder the Ortho4XP run would just proceed after seeing there are files (instead of realizing there wasn't enough of them.)

    I deleted folder; re-ran and now I'm up to about 11 OSM files (still downloading sections.)

    All is well; just need to find better autogen script for Scenproc.

  8. I'm working on fixing the EHSI on the Airfoillabs KA350 for the GTN; out of the box the IDENT and TTG don't work. I was able to fix the IDENT by pointing the dataref to the GTN so that it's working; however I'm fighting with time. Does anyone have any ideas how to convert or use this so it's in minutes/seconds? The TTG on EHSI's always show MM:SS however when looking at the dataref below I get for example 2.11637773


    This is the section of the ACF that I need to fix -- the AFL dataref's don't work with the RXP; they like to overwrite each other.

                  GROUP TTG GPS 2 2
                    SHOW_EQUAL 3.000000 KA350/instruments/EHSI_Pilot/showActiveCourse
                    GROUP Number TTG NAV1 2 2
                      SHOW_GREATER 12.000000 [0]
                      gen_rheostat double dot 2 2 2 2
                        POS 747.000000 704.000000
                        IMAGE EHSI_Pilot/map_mode/double_dot_white
                        LIGHT_MODE GLASS_AUTO
                        LIGHT_RHEOSTAT 22
                        KEY_FRAME 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
                        KEY_FRAME 1.000000 1.000000
                        CLICK_RADIUS 0.000000
                        CLICK_RADIUS_DY 0.000000
                        STEP1 0.000000
                        STEP2 0.000000
                        OFFSET 0.000000
                        CURSOR DEFAULT
                        CLICK_DX 0
                        CLICK_DY 0
                        WRAP 0
                      gen_LED HH 2 2 2
                        POS 728.000000 704.000000
                        IMAGE EHSI_Pilot/map_mode/led_number_white_2
                        DATAREF KA350/instruments/EHSI_Pilot/dmeTimeHHgps
                        LIGHT_MODE GLASS_AUTO
                        LIGHT_RHEOSTAT 22
                        KEY_FRAME 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
                        KEY_FRAME 59.000000 59.000000
                        DIGITS 2
                        DECIMALS 0
                        PERIOD_WIDTH 5
                        LED_ROWS 1
                      gen_LED MM 2 2 2
                        POS 766.000000 704.000000
                        IMAGE EHSI_Pilot/map_mode/led_number_white_2
                        DATAREF KA350/instruments/EHSI_Pilot/dmeTimeMMgps
                        LIGHT_MODE GLASS_AUTO
                        LIGHT_RHEOSTAT 22
                        KEY_FRAME 0.000000 0.000000 1.000000
                        KEY_FRAME 59.000000 59.000000
                        DIGITS 2
                        DECIMALS 0
                        PERIOD_WIDTH 5
                        LED_ROWS 1


  9. 3 hours ago, LeonardvanderWalt said:

    @Ither would you recommend not downloading and installing your file (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51824-airfoillabs-king-air-350-rxp-gtn-750-hd/) until this issue has been resolved?

    I leave that up to user — it’s happening on the King Air 350 with RTN period. The modification I did  isn’t causing the errors to happen. The one thing I know is that I haven’t seen memory leak crash my game yet but that may be due to having 32GB of free memory. 

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  10. Just now, RXP said:

    This is definitely something happening with a KA350 component only. Most likely their plugin is trying to 'update' or 'control' the navigation route in the default FMS/GPS system and it fails.

    If this is the case, there is a problem in the error handling code of the component trying ad-nauseam to do something it fails to, and the best way for this to not occur is to review the component code and change it accordingly. This could be as simple as reviewing the error handling code to fail gracefully, instead of forcefully.

    It could also be as simple as third party developers checking the published GTN and GNS V2 datarefs which tells whether there is an active RXP GPS and which one, but I think it is better they just find why their component is eating memory and failing if X-Plane SDK functions they are using to change the default FMS/GPS route is failing on them. Maybe this is just a 11.33beta issue as well?


    Unless the KA350 installs a global plugin, not just an aircraft plugin which is active only when the aircraft is loaded, how could the default Baron 58 or Cessna 172 be producing these errors where it shows the component being the source of these messages is a KA350 component!?

    I just updated my post -- I meant to say this is happening on stock new Airfoillabs KA 350 and then my GTN 750 retrofit modified plane. Simple point was definitely plane issue with AFL and wondered what it would be doing to cause that memory spam. I see other's now reporting that they get those flooded messages with clicking things like sel on the yoke.

  11. @RXP are you aware of this? I can reproduce it on stock plane as well as my modded plane -- log file gets flooded with this as soon as you enable RXP unit (even as a 2D integration with no 3D component.)

    It's happening on the Airfoillabs King Air 350



    [XJet] 15:45:11,811 INFO [KA350/LuaComponents] Loading avionics from config/avionics-before-start.json
    [XJet] 15:45:12,179 INFO [KA350/LuaComponents] Loading screen from ui-settings.json
    [XJet] 15:45:19,362 SEVERE [KA350/LuaAvionicComponent] Error executing update function on component: fms
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.lua.module.LuaNavigation.refToLua(LuaNavigation.java:73)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.lua.module.LuaNavigation.access$000(LuaNavigation.java:21)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.lua.module.LuaNavigation$2.call(LuaNavigation.java:47)
        at lua.av_gauges_fms$update.call(av/gauges/fms.lua:146)
        at org.luaj.vm2.lib.ZeroArgFunction.call(Unknown Source)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.lua.comp.avionics.LuaAvionicComponent.update(LuaAvionicComponent.java:60)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.subsys.AbstractAvionics.updateComponents(AbstractAvionics.java:81)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.subsys.AbstractAvionics.updateComponents(AbstractAvionics.java:82)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.subsys.AbstractAvionics.updateComponents(AbstractAvionics.java:82)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.subsys.AbstractAvionics.update(AbstractAvionics.java:72)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.processing.FlightLoopSupport.doUpdate(FlightLoopSupport.java:72)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.processing.FlightLoopSupport.access$000(FlightLoopSupport.java:22)
        at com.airfoillabs.xjet.processing.FlightLoopSupport$1.callback(FlightLoopSupport.java:58)
        at com.airfoillabs.jxplm.processing.XPlaneFlightLoopCallbackHelper.callback(XPlaneFlightLoopCallbackHelper.java:41)

    It then repeats this over and over until memory overload and game crashes.


    [XJet] 15:44:33,772 SEVERE [KA350/LuaAvionicComponent] Error executing update function on component: fms

    Let me know if you can think of anything; maybe another bug with Airfoillabs?

  12. 12 hours ago, RXP said:

    Thank you for sharing all these details! The missing link to me was that it was possible to open the manipulator-only OBJ file in AC3D without breaking it. This makes things a little easier I guess. It is unfortunate the XPlane SDK is still not generalizing a little bit more some of its concepts. For example when in VR, the SDK allows creating our VR popup window you can place and orient as you want in 3D space, with rendering surface and mouse support independent of the OBJ files or the aircraft objects. This indicates XPlane already has the support for a plugin to create an SDK supported standard interactive rendering surface in 3D. They'd just have to make this capability in 3D and not just in VR, and we'll be done with any 3rd party aircraft 3D panel integration: add a GTN 3D obj and the plugin takes care to create the surface. If ever after Vulkan... let's hope!

    Here's interesting find -- I have two panels now to run dual 750's.

    I cannot get GTN 750 2 to map onto right screen; that is actually GTN 750 1.

    I'm still digging to figure out how/why that's happening.


  13. Just to add I was correct -- instruments are drawn to cockpit.obj file only. I just tried to draw a flat panel on another OBJ file that is added together in Planemaker and was unsuccessful in mapping the GTN to it or even the GNS 430.

    This is definitely as far as I can go with Carenado since I can't manipulate the cockpit.obj without breaking the whole plane.

  14. 41 minutes ago, RXP said:

    I think you've ended up very well, this looks great!

    If I understand correctly, and if this could serve as a 'recipe' for other mods:

    • This mod is not altering the original panel.png UV mapping which was designed for the dual GNS 430.
    • The GTN screens render where the GNS 430 where rendering instead.
    • You've manually edited the cockpit.obj which is embedding the hard-coded 3D manipulators so that the mouse won't turn an invisible GNS 430 knob.
    • You've added the GTN bezel 3D models at the correct 3D XYZ location attaching the GTN bezel 3D objects to the aircraft file.

    Is the above correct?


    Here are my responses in red.

    • This mod is not altering the original panel.png UV mapping which was designed for the dual GNS 430.

      That is correct; the panel.png file is not altered in any way.
    • The GTN screens render where the GNS 430 where rendering instead.

      Yes, the GTN is actually rendering to two flat 3D panels inside the cockpit.obj file--this is same two panels that the GNS 430 default renders to.
    • You've manually edited the cockpit.obj which is embedding the hard-coded 3D manipulators so that the mouse won't turn an invisible GNS 430 knob.

      There are two parts; in the OBJ file there are actual manipulators (look like little 3D vertices) and then inside OBJ file from text perspective there are actual manipulator coding -- both of those were removed using AC3D.
    • You've added the GTN bezel 3D models at the correct 3D XYZ location attaching the GTN bezel 3D objects to the aircraft file.

      Yes, there are two ways I could have done this. I could have placed the model into cockpit file and then used the cockpit textures for both normal and LIT; but that would required me to add on to the panel texture. Other solution is to use Planemaker and imbed it as a misc object at right point -- doing this allows me to use the texture of the specific object for both normal and LIT mode.

    Here is the cockpit.obj file where you can see the GNS screens. I was able to modify this file on Airfoillabs plane to add the 750 without any issues. I think the problem with Carenado King Air 200 is the older design (think it's really XP10 ported plane.) No matter how I exported it the file would corrupt and not be functional. I would need to be able to manipulate these 3D panels to make screen larger. I figured out that the instruments are always rendered on cockpit.obj file (at least in planes I've dug apart.) You can have other cockpit files layered over it for additional modeling but screen draw is there.


    You can see the two screen render spots in blue box. That is why in previous images you would see the GTN screen duplicate onto next screen. They're both associated to same panel tag for GPS. One thing I didn't try was maybe using another panel in front of it with same coding (might try that.)

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