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  1. Ron uses XBOX? ... 42 indeed. Cheers, Rob.
  2. I need to retest with Gsync enabled and P3D VRR enabled ... my LG C9 VRR range is 40-120Hz ... prior testing I was on the cusp 39 FPS with extreme graphic settings and lots of add-ons. I'll try again with Win 2004 and these drivers with GPU scheduling enabled ... it might just get me over the cusp to 40 FPS min. I have no problems getting 60 FPS, but requires I drop LOD and AG building sliders down 1 notch from max. TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 really only impacts VRAM usage, FPS difference is within margin of testing error (provide one has enough VRAM that is). Cheers, Rob.
  3. Yes Unlimited + Vsync + 30Hz monitor refresh. I also installed 451.67 on my Dev PC ... all good (nothing changed) ... will proceed to install on my main FS PC. Cheers, Rob.
  4. Where did you get that info? I'd wait for V5.1 and continue to use EA/TrueSKY. P3D V5.1 will make MSFS disappear into the background (hard coded and no customization) ... oh wait, it's not even in the foreground yet 🙂 Full implementation of EA/TrueSKY in V5.1 will bring with it the ability to get VERY specific to weather conditions. TrueSKY SDK is dirt cheap ($109) so DLC providers and/or enthusiastic users could go to town on creating their own custom weather from areas like SF/Bay Area and it's micro climates (rolling fog, etc.) to Sepang Tsunami. There will be no problem depicting all the cloud types (taken from my ASA book): Cheers, Rob.
  5. I'm extremely happy with the 451.48 drivers with WDDM 2.7 support and Windows 10 (2004) with GPU scheduling enabled. Performed a flight in the updated FSLabs A320 for P3D V5 from FlightBeam's KDEN to FlyTampa's KLAS with ASP3D (TrueSKY enabled) and ORBX and 60% AI Traffic with every graphics setting slider to the right (and with my TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 tweak and a few others) and it was locked solid to 30Hz/30 FPS and NO long frames (aka stutters), not a single one ... couldn't believe RTSS data log. No texture loading issues, no AG rendering issues, crisp clear terrain. I must admit, this is probably the first time I'm hesitant to update from 451.48 to 451.67, but it's a minor rev so hopefully it's safe. And this is on my now old of the shelf 9900K at only 5Ghz because my Koolance Chiller isn't working as efficiently as it was, so bypassed to standard water cooling. It's one of the flights you just go Wow! Cheers, Rob.
  6. That’s SySWOW64 ... never seen a folder SysWOW32 ? Maybe this is a Win7 thing? Cheers, Rob
  7. Wow, excellent video ... are have you flown within 90 days? keeping fresh? Cheers, Rob.
  8. I would say you did something good! 🙂 Cheers, Rob.
  9. A bit of both, but it will likely increase CPU loads more than GPU. With UTLive 1.2, I can run 100% AI Traffic but it's "comes with" AI models are fairly primitive (which is fine for my needs/desires). The more complex the AI model the more the load ... I did a experiment some time ago using a DLC aircraft (think it was a Carenado) and made AI variants of it ... FPS tanked as expected (just a few and it was a slideshow ... so be careful to not accidentally use DLC aircraft it whatever AI traffic product you use. Cheers, Rob.
  10. Internet search on "DXGI.DLL ERROR" and I stopped counting when I got to over 1 Million hits ... most seem to be games, some simulators, a few were from graphics applications. There are many sources for DXGI.DLL: 1. Coding error (rare but can happen) 2. DXGI.DLL is replaced by another product (shader tools do this) or by a pirated game that gives one a virus for "free" via the DXGI.DLL (this is the most common) 3. Hardware is marginal (overclocked even from factory) and/or not maintained (aka dust removal) so it overheats 4. File and/or registry corruption 5. Trying to run a 64bit process in a 32bit OS SysWOW32?? Are you running Windows 10 64bit? Cheers, Rob.
  11. Active Sky is controlling weather visibility conditions ... so not really sure what your question pertains to relative to P3D? There are max visibility settings in Active Sky, but either way it’s going to control visibility based on reported weather or historical weather. Cheers, Rob
  12. Fishing for conflict ... don't we have enough of that already (both virtual and real)? Cheers, Rob.
  13. You’ll want 8GB VRAM minimum, so look for cards with that. New Cards don’t come out as often as you think, just variants of the same core. If you can wait, Sept we’ll get new GPUs from nVidia, they will most likely be expensive $500-$2400. If you’re on a tight budget and MSFS is primary interest, you might want to just wait for new XBOX series as MSFS is slated to run on it also (and maybe PS5). Cheers, Rob.
  14. As I stated before, it's not really "our" (developer) decision, it's end users willing to buy DLC content and MS fees/DRM who decide where content providers go with new projects and/or porting of existing projects. PMDG experimented with XP (aka the DC-6) and elected to take it NO further. PMDG (and many other developers) will experiment with MSFS and see what happens ... the cautious approach. I'll hand it to Microsoft, WASM is a good compromise to reach a larger audience while also attempting to minimize (not remove) platform instability as a result of DLC ... looks like WASM will allow them to reach PS5 as well which expands the potential user base. It's the XBOX/PS5 user base that will most likely be the deciding factor for many developers. There are other core issues that might be a road block for some (not all) end users, but it's a wait and see and a "blind eye" (willing to compromise) is still necessary. The benefit to XBOX/PS5 is that everyone is on a level play ground so that avoids the silly claims of needing a $10,000 PC to run it and avoid the hardware upgrade process but does lock the end user into a 5 year of static technology (but again less costly). I'm not console fan, but if that market keeps things alive for the PC market, it's all good. Cheers, Rob.
  15. Hi James, I agree, some development resources ... just not “all in”. Test the waters. I hope (as do many other DLC providers) that MSFS does bring in considerably more end users to this market place. A lot is hinged on how the XBOX user reacts. From an end user perspective, those of us very involved in our simulators and operate them with a high level of complexity, that much complexity might never make it to MSFS ... which is understandable from a business perspective. Hence why P3D and XP will be around for a long time. There will be 3 platforms, this further segmentation of end users could be good or could be bad ... wait and see. Cheers, Rob.
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