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  1. That’s a good suggestion, but in one of his screenshots he showed 8bit per channel color so Win10 HDR option should not be available. Cheers, Rob
  2. I have a solution that is working for my product ... is there a specific location I can test? I use my own EcoRegion data which is not the same as Asobo's. Cheers, Rob.
  3. I get your frustration (and others). But when someone doesn't have a problem that can actually be useful ... there were many people (like myself) not having a problem with some of the things being reported. This is actually good, because it helps figure out what might be different between users without the problem and users with the problem ... it's that difference that LM can then zero in on and hopefully replicate. LM were having a hard time replicating the problem. I can related to LM's issue with replication as I recently had a similar issue with one (and only one) of my Beta users ... he was reporting a problem I could NOT replicate and it was a significant issue ... I spent over two days trying to replicate and going back and forth with the Beta user and both of us getting frustrated. I was able to solve the issue thanks to a suggestion from another dev along with discovering some oddly formatted data (a clue) ... the Beta user is German and working with Win 10 OS currency format for Germany where they use "," (comma) rather than "." (decimal). My fault for not taking into account International language variants and it was a easy fix ... lesson for me but the trigger was "environmental". I do agree LM should have delayed the release to get more end user data to enable them to fix (but I've said this of just about every Flight Sim dev team from LM, to MS/Asobo to LR). Cheers, Rob.
  4. Well very cool, you made the right decisions. Tough decision to rat someone out, I'm not sure what I would do ... on one hand you could be saving someone else's life by reporting incident on the other hand you might want to return and be welcomed. Reminds me of this incident where captain did indeed report the controller: So who had to clean off the grass? 🙂 Great experience, thanks for sharing. Cheers, Rob.
  5. What LG 4K TV model are you using? Pending the model, there could be specific ports you need to use and/or specific TV settings for the input port that need to be set. Is port conversion (using an Adapter) your only option? How many "Displays" are listed in P3D Graphics screen, just one or more than one? Cheers, Rob.
  6. Not a bad price, too bad I can't get any Asus motherboards for the CPU (other than "open box"). Cheers, Rob.
  7. Really Important Post? R.I.P.? 🙂 If you're interested in beta testing an MSFS add-on, PM me. Cheers, Rob.
  8. AMD seem to be innovating much faster than Intel ... it's 3D cache stacking and overall better IPC. I wouldn't write Intel off, because AMD's weakness is the reliance on TSMC ... but from a pure performance perspective, AMD now and in the near future appear to have a significant upper hand over Intel even with it's reliance on better performing memory ... when DDR5 is out it will only make AMD that much faster. Intel certainly have more "cash" and more yearly revenue but they seem to lack innovation and drive. It's a risky time to invest, but AMD's consistent growth these past 5 years and very positive future has me working my investment rep. I was tempted to buy a 5950X at $950 (only $150 over MSRP) but I just don't trust "no name" resellers and I doubt I'll actually get a "new" CPU ... and now with AMD 3D cache stacking (improved latency) process and DDR5 on the near horizon, waiting is probably the better option for me. Skip ahead to the 6:36 min part to get the meat. AMD has really turn around with Lisa Su at the helm. Cheers, Rob.
  9. Check bit depth in P3D Graphics UI settings: If that's correct, check that you aren't using an adapter cable (i.e. converts DisplayPort to HDMI and/or HDMI to DisplayPort). Cheers, Rob.
  10. Yikes!! Sounds like that was certainly a pucker moment. How did you find the updraft ... what did you look for? Cool video ... is it real? I don't see any ground debris? But my post was actually in reference to the "200 fpm" which isn't very dramatic. Cheers, Rob.
  11. This is hilarious! https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/oklahoma-pilot-rides-landspout-tornado-rising-200-feet-a-minute/ar-AAL452s?li=BBnb7Kz 200 feet per minute so scary!! 🙂 I needed a good laugh. Cheers, Rob.
  12. If you go with the Studio Drivers, I would recommend you do it via DDU in safe mode, disconnect internet, manual install of drivers after download. I switch between the two frequently, but be aware, more recent "Game Ready" drivers have specific support for MSFS that is NOT in the Studio Drivers. Cheers, Rob.
  13. These two statements are diametrically opposed. Yes I have, but your original statement was NOT about "close to reality". You seem to have an axe to grind with me specifically, so I'll leave you to your own devices. Cheers, Rob.
  14. haha ... there will also be arguments, the only variable is the level of "intensity" of those debates. But my vote is still with Quantum computing, USA have 5 known installations ... and they have the potential to break the security of Cryptocurrency (and SSL for that matter) so we can all finally get GPU's at MSRP and "transparency" (like it or not) 🙂 Funny you should say that, part of an article I was reading on physics simulation mentioned that very topic and how to optimize computing ... the physics works in a virtual distance radius similar to how LOD Radius currently works in most flight sims, process physical calculations for only those "items" that could impact the aircraft within a specified distance. Cheers, Rob.
  15. No issues with night sky stars, this is a default install (you'll need to view image full screen). same image cropped so easier to see stars Tested in 3840 x 2160 and 5120 x 1440. Cheers, Rob.
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