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  1. I updated with all LLH Creations have for P3D V5.

    Same here with lower FPS around Courchavel, once I takeoff FPS returns to normal.  

    Sadly none of the updated airports use PBR ... shame ... also season textures should be able to detect and change automatically rather than having to manually change to winter via the LLH-Options exe (another P3D feature not being used). And finally, no support for  dynamic reflections on buildings (specifically windows and other reflective structures).

    If developers want to sell more products, they need to use the features available to them in P3D and stop ignoring them and using FSX as the lowest common denominator, ugh!

    Cheers, Rob.

  2. The FMS that comes with is missing much ... it's a Collins 3000.  For example PILOT/REF WPT ... to set this you're supposed to click SET POS which has the actual aircraft position lat/long coordinates and they will be placed in input area and then click PILOT/REF WPT which will take those coordinates ... neither button is functional in Carenado's FMS.  The FMS is light, very light, BUT (and this is important to me) it does support Navigraph cycle updates which the GTN 750 does not ... I'm trying to hold out from switching to the GTN 750.

    Cheers, Rob.


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  3. Hmmm ... seems a few issues need to be addressed

    1.  Taxi 60Kts with all engines at idle?  (checked calibration of my devices, all good)

    2.  Couldn't get rid of the the cones around the aircraft no matter what I did.

    3.  Engine sounds are pretty bad (the seem to be all default sounds) inside and outside.

    Sorry but I can't recommend this aircraft at this price point in it's current state, hopefully some updates come down the pike.

    Cheers, Rob.

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