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  1. iosman1234

    Ground Texture Says "Winter-Spring"

    My issue has been fixed,, thanks
  2. Hello, I'm one of the last, somewhere around Athens now. Got some hours still in front of me. Gonna be an interesting LOWI night approach. thanks iosman
  3. Thanks, issue has been fixed..
  4. iosman1234

    Multiple installations of FSX-SE .... sort of

    My issue has been fixed,, Thanks.
  5. iosman1234

    Clouds draw in wrong order

    Thanks my issue has been fixed.
  6. iosman1234

    FSX or Xplane?

    Hello So here is my dilemma….I have a pretty powerful computer and have been looking at p3d 2.1 for a bit now but the price is high and its very buggy. I have been an x-plane user since v10 came out and while I enjoy it immensely, it just feels like I am alone in the skies and on ATC. I was thinking of coming back to FSX with the following addons: ORBX Global REX Texture Direct REX Essentials PROATC for FSX Thanks iosman
  7. When I initiate a flight, "Fly Now", the scenery and other loading processes complete fine and I am placed at my destination. However, if I exit to change a setting for instance, and "Fly Now", FSX crashes to a grey screen while loading terrain (crashes at 0%). It appears that any subsequent attempts to fly after the initial configuration has been loaded fails. Has anyone had similar experiences that could share their means of resolution? Or perhaps someone has a theory on what may be happening in this case that may be creating this problem. This is very frustrating when you simply want to change the time or parking location for instance.
  8. Hi, often, when flying inside a cloud layer, other, more distant cloud layers appear drawn on top of the clouds that I fly through. I realize this is about the drawing order and alpha, but it really looks bad. has anybody experienced this problem, and is there a solution available? I have REX HD cloud textures at 2048x2048 and DXT5 enabled, and FSX running in DX9. Thank you! iosman
  9. I am having some trouble with my Cessna 172's performance when it comes to flying at an altitude above 5,000 feet. I have had trouble with other aircraft like the Beech Baron 58. With that aircraft I tweaked the cfg. file. I changed it to supercharged engines, set the max manifold pressure, and critical altitude. As a result I get better performance at high altitude. I can't do this with the Cessna 172 because its engine settings are in RPM not Manifold Pressure. Does anyone know how to get higher performance out of the C172? Thanks
  10. I've been wondering if it would be possible to creat multiple installations of copies of FSX-SE. They would be "frozen in time" of the date I make them and would not be subject to periodic steam updates of course. There's a tutorial on flightsim about how to create multiple installs of FS2004 (and presumably FXS Classic) and it looks fairly easy. So I'm wondering can I copy my FSX-SE installation (in my case on my I: drive, not the default location) into a new folder on my drive and rename the FSX.exe to something like FSXww2.exe. Will it create the necessary folders and files the first time I run it without conflicting with the base installation (e.g. Libraries-Documents-Microsoft Simulator X Files, ProgramData-Microsoft-FSX, AppData-Roaming-Microsoft-FSX, AppData-Local-Microsoft-FSX)? Or would I need to create the folders and modify names to eliminate conflict? Since I won't be able to install DLC aircraft through the Steam process, should I load up my FSX-SE installation with all of them that I expect to use before I make my first copy, and then thin out the ones I don't want in a given copy (I plan to make more than one copy)? Along those lines, is there any utility that exists to list all the files and their locations that were added in a specified historical time period? Say for example I download a DLC aircraft from Steam at 4pm and nothing else, and at 5pm could I query the new files added to my system between 3:58 and 4:58pm? It would be instructive to know what was added to effects, gauges, sound, etc in addition to SimObjects. Or is this not necessary because Steam puts everything added in the DLC folder?
  11. Recently I ventured south of the US/Mexico Border in FSX Boxed Edition and discovered an odd texture issue. Some of the ground textures as seen from the air as I neared the Yucatan Peninsula starting displaying the word "WINTER" in red and "SPRING" in green. As I continued south into South America the green "SPRING" pretty much disappeared, but the red "WINTER" displayed everywhere I looked until I crossed the Amazon. Not every bitmap displayed the red or green words, but I could look in exterior view and see numerous displays in a complete 360 circle around my aircraft. This anomaly does least hasn't yet...appeared in the US or north from there. Can't speak for Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia yet...haven't been there.