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  1. I was (for me obviously) talking about the looks of weather that is simulated properly. What use are good looking thunderstorms if indeed nothing happens when you fly into them. My premise is that what appears realistic, hopefully and probably is realistic. 😉 If those pretty graphics aren't driven by a proper weather engine MS will have made a big mistake. I have problems calling a flight sim without a proper weather engine a sim. (Which is why I have problems calling AFS2 a sim, even though it is my only installed flight er... sim right now.)
  2. Don't think I agree. Visuals are very important for the immersion, the feeling of being there, the realism but also for the simulation of flight itself. If you get close to a thunderstorm in FSX with default graphics you might think 'No problem, I will continue' but if you get close to the thunderstorm you can see in the MFS trailer you'll think twice. A sim with ONLY great visuals would be boring pretty quickly for me but I wouldn't want to have a sim with deep systems that only has flat, dull graphics. I want both. Visuals aren't just eye candy. The history of flight sims also shows this: if you look at for instance P3D you will see that almost all changes between the various versions had to do with visuals. Apparently they are THAT important!
  3. Flamingpie

    Ads already

    There really isn't more to it than I posted earlier on but here we go: MS Flight Simulator PC Spel - Köp på MediaMarkt.se Swedish English translation (credits to Google) Microsoft Flight Simulator är nästa generation av ett av de mest populära simuleringsprogrammen. Upplev verklighetstrogna detaljer i 4K-upplösning. Förboka redan idag! Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next generation of one of the most popular simulation programs. Experience true-to-life details in 4K resolution. Pre-book already today! OBS! Pris och produktinformation är preliminär och kan ändras till release. NOTE! Price and product information is preliminary and can be changed to release. Förhandsbokning i webbshoppen. Releasedatum 2020-12-31 Advance booking in the web shop. Release date 2020-12-31 Specifikation för MS Flight Simulator PC Utrustning Typ av produkt: Spel Genre: Simulator Platform: PC EAN: 2000013171313 Paket: E3 2019 Artikelnummer: 1317131 Translation: Specification for MS Flight Simulator PC Equipment Product Type: Game Genre: Simulator Platform: PC EAN: 2000013171313 Package: E3 2019 Item number: 1317131 SEK 699,- USD 75,- There also is an XBox One page for it although we know there won't be an XBox One verion of MFS: this is probably a placeholder for the new XBox. Only different information on the XBox page are the Platform (obviously), EAN 2000013170811 and Item number 1317081.
  4. Flamingpie

    July 11th development update

    What impresses me even more are the lighting effects. Seems there are no baked in lighting effects at all (it's great we have two versions of that screenshot!) which is totally awesome. I absolute hate the baked in effects in FSX/P3D planes.
  5. From the MFS site: "We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR." This tells us MFS "will be beyond a simple everyday plane game". "We hear you, we value you, we want to make the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator for you, with you." This tells us MFS "will be a continuation of the franchise". Seems pretty clear to me...?
  6. I am waiting for the first reviews. Specially want to hear if the sounds are better than those of the Duchess (which are horrible) and if the plane has real time lighting effects (unlike the Duchess). I already heard the Arrow doesn't have a cold and dark option (like the Duchess) which is a real shame... However, it probably won't be too hard to make the plane cold and dark by editing the tmd. I did that for the Q400 (required around 45 to 50 changes) and I think the Arrow will need a lot less changes.
  7. Flamingpie

    My next flight will be in MSFS2020

    Correct. Point releases (going from for instance 4.5 to 4.6) are free but new versions (so going from v4 to v5) will have to be purchased again for the full price (no upgrade prices available). So if you have the pro license you will have to spend another 200 bucks.
  8. Flamingpie

    Ads already

    The site states the price is subject to change. The text contains no useful information. It says MFS is the next generation of the most populair flight sim and that you will be able to enjoy realistic detail in 4k. That's all. This ad clearly is a premature placeholder or even more likely an error: there also is a similar page on that site for an XBox One version... 🤔 I don't think you can conclude anything from this ad. I don't think MS had anything to do with it. Better forget about it.
  9. Flamingpie

    My next flight will be in MSFS2020

    Which is why I spend some of my time flying in Aerofly FS 2 and aiwating Deadstick. I can't stop flying for over a year...! P3D is history though. The thought of reinstalling everything from scratch again alone makes me shiver... No more, thank you. I'm done with it. And I don't expect P3D v5 to be some sort of MFS: it will be P4D v4 with a few changes and a new price tag. Again, no more, thank you. I'm done with old tech.
  10. Flamingpie

    July 11th development update

    3D gauges and shadow, yes. Sunlight, no, not at all, at least not in P3D. And this screenshot also seems to lack realtime highlights as in the MFS shot. Seems to me all lighting effects and reflections are baked into the textures. The MFS shot looks a hundred times better thanks to the real time lighting and reflection effects. It's incomparable, really.
  11. Flamingpie

    July 11th development update

    It's better than nothing and that screenshot tells a lot. I think it's clever from MS to give us at least something. A solid date for the next update is promising: they know what they're doing. They have a plan.
  12. Flamingpie

    Flight Acceleration - do you do it?

    Still, saying things like: ...indicates it is NOT fine if you do something else. And 'I trust' means you are sure they won't do something wrong or bad. 😉 Haha! I'm just teasing here. 😉 Anyway, whenever I do have a long cruise I also tend to visit a forum in the meantime or sometimes read a book. If possible I do prefer to fly real time all the time and also 'stay in the cockpit' the entire flight: it makes it all feel more real. Whenever I do start to use time accell I sort of lose the feeling of flying and I tend to rush the rest of the flight too and I end up with an unsatisfied feeling. 😉 One of the reasons I (almost) only fly the Q400 is that it keeps you busy, more so than for instance an Airbus. I can imagine the Concorde being a handful too...!
  13. Flamingpie

    Flight Acceleration - do you do it?

    Why wouldn't they? There also are serious simmers who save their flights in mid air and proceed a flight the next day. Just as odd as time accel. Some serious simmers go to bed or go shopping during a long cruise: again, just as odd as time accel. (Even more odd imho.) It all depends on what you simulate. Matthew said 'SIDs and STARs is the fun part': you can be a perfectly fine and die hard serious simmer if you decide to ONLY simulate those phases of flight. Some people like do simulate approaches over and over again and they sure can be serious simmers. Heck, I sometimes even did the initial phase of a flight, going from cold and dark until the take off and then stopped because that was all I wanted to simulate. Flying a flight from A to B in real time doesn't make you a serious simmer. Sitting behind your desk doing nothing but stare at the screen during cruise absolutely doesn't make you a serious simmer. The dedication and devotion to what you actually do simulate could perhaps define you as a serious simmer but seriously... what is a serious simmer...? 😉 BTW I voted for 'Yes but only rarely when absolutely necessary'. I usually plan a flight so it will fit in the time I think I will have for it but I may use time accell as real life requires it. 😉 I may also use it when I am testing something.
  14. Flamingpie

    July 11th development update

    Amen to that! I was soooooo happy to see SUNLIGHT on the panel! It even blinds you in some parts! Awesome indeed! Wow, that's cool because now we can compare features! See the difference in color...! That seems to indicate that the time of day and weather will have an impact on the colors, which is great! What strikes me the most (and makes me very happy) is how different that iron 'bar' of (what may be) the throttle looks. (Sorry, English is not my native language, don't know how to call it.) They look totally different which means the lighting effects (and reflections?) aren't baked into the textures: they are real time! Also note the various highlights all over the panel, on the edges, the black knobs, even on the screws! In P3D these highlights are static, baked into the textures, the same no matter what, but not here! Real time lighting effects! Again: awesome!!! BTW Also notice the diffused shadows...! They look great (don't want to say awesome again LOL)! Obviously I am talking about the shadows in the sharp, focused part of the picture. They aren't pixelated or extremely sharp (like in my other sims) but they look real!
  15. Flamingpie

    A bigger picture of the new MSFS

    Indeed! Foolish people at M! 😜