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  1. Tried this link yesterday and it works many thanks p
  2. Hi all this question has proberbly been asked a thousand times i have been on thistopic all week so far and can find nothing on the forums or net ] does p3d have its own warp program for 2 projectors and2 screens because im at my witts end trying to figure out whats going on .if not im looking for a warping program that wont mean me getting a loan out been in touch with a couple of companies today and they all say hey aits over a grand forour warping software ...i must admit im loosing faith in this build if i cant get a decent wp ..i would appreciate any help please ...
  3. thank you that cleared it, it was under navigation in the gps menu many thanks much appreciated paul
  4. ah yes that sound like ill give it a try many thanks
  5. Hello all i need some help ive either activated something on p3d but whenever i fly i see big massive blocks to ,i think denote areas you pass through some of then blue others white any ideas on how to turn these off cheers paul
  6. Hi all hope you all ok just a quick one i. Finished the frame for the windows for my 737 800 and was wondering what materials do you all use for your main windows i guess its gotto be easily cuttable any recomendations would be appreciated cheers paul
  7. Hi yes windowed definatly so you can drag the gps and flight visual screens
  8. yes indeed i have ,i tried it on minimum screen res it works fine on 1 projector and it was fine but it's the stretching it to 2 projectors thats where fsx started to show mw a black edge etc. but the odd thing is using p3d v4 was fine it worked perfect on 2 screens so i goto make a decision
  9. Hi all well spent the whole day on this one, i bought 2 apeman projectors off of the net and 2 100 inch hangable screens ,in order to see if i could attempt to create a curve shape from them . Anyway i put them up and switched on the projectors which were plugged into a 710 x3 output graphics card and activated flight sim ,my aim was to use my normal screen as a display for my mip left side ,and then use the other 2 outputs for the outside visual. anyway cutting a very short story long ,there was no proper way of extending the runway to show between the middle of the screens ,without one side suddenly becoming black as i stretched the image . well my sim building days would have stopped there and then till i remembered i also have p3d installed so as a last resort i tried it and "shut my mouth !""the runway screen stretched the whole length of the 2 screens i was a little sad because i had just got fsx working as ide wanted it so my question is how in the name of sims do you get the full screen to cover both sides on 1 runway ?? any help would be appreciated cheers paul
  10. Hi all have been researching the fmc panel which sits on top of the mip, and have found that they are rare and expensive. so i found in the mean time the Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel is just as good as a temporary fixture any thoughts at all would be appreciated cheers paul
  11. thanks nas much appreciated ill have a look there are some very good sims on youtube ive been trying to get my self boosted lol
  12. haha i know what you mean lol its in early stages got the mip with annunciators turning up tomoz so its all go
  13. hi all great to be here i am currently building a 737 flight simulator enclosed of course so i may need some help soon cheers paul
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