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  1. I just wanted to say "wow, just wow!"
  2. I would rather, people could keep such things to themselves.
  3. It's called MSFS because it's supposed to be a long-term project. It makes no sense to call it 2020 by 2025
  4. Why does a medical team actually support the development of MSFS? can this be related to the sense of balance?
  5. I also wanted to write about that. It looks nice, but it does not fit at all.
  6. You can test it during the alpha and later on the beta.
  7. Everyone has to know for themselves. I bought FSX in 2006 and deleted it after about a year. The graphics were easy compared to other games and linked to fps too bad. Two years ago I tried again, but installing the add-ons was too much for me. And now finally comes what I always dreamed of. Good graphics and a lot of realism out of the box. Only the wait still bothers me 😅
  8. Haha not really Stop drawing a comparison with today's (xplane P3D). The engine was absolute garbage for the performance.
  9. Of course, people will find something new. Eg. add new lights. Currently I only see white and yellow lights in the cities. but it would have to be much more colorful. I shared a video of the landing on LAX here somewhere. You can see a huge difference. There is still a lot missing in the world
  10. I'm a bit skeptical, as the wings of the a320 are rigid. They do not move vertically one millimeter.
  11. what's next? That the passengers complain in turbulence, or even hurt? 😂
  12. Official? No it can't. They never would use "2020"
  13. they said we are much closer than we think. I think the next months will be very exciting. What's next? Alphas, Open Beta, ...? I'm excited and I hope MS let testing us all soon and that we're really closer than we all think
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