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  1. Of course no but this scenery is designed for P3d4. No?... 🙄
  2. Looks good in fact but by night, it remembers me the FS2004 hours. I don't like the apron lighting.
  3. I know but it still works for me with FPS limited at 60. Just try and see 😊
  4. [BUFFERPOOLS] UsePools=0 => FPS increased FFTF=0.1 works very well for me.
  5. Hello! You can play with this in the Prepar3D.cfg [GRAPHICS]Day_Threshold=XXXNight_Threshold=XXX The inconvenient is to see also the city lights and night textures on daytime. See here
  6. I thought it was the default value in any case 🤔
  7. For me, FFTF at 0.1 and FPS locked at 60 combinated with others parameters allow me to see autogen during the whole flight even at FL370. 😎
  8. In my opinion, if you use to fly in VFR rules with a small aircraft, keep XP11 with ortho sceneries. If you want to fly an airliner in IFR, go to P3D.
  9. AM and HT were mandatory with my old i7 3770K. As my new i7 9700K has 8 physical cores, no need and performances are just insane 😊
  10. 97842 kg burned for a so short flight? How many holding patterns did you do?😁
  11. Hi! Once the original shaders restored, just uninstall the v24 and download the v27 directly from their site.
  12. Yes but the difference is that you have to buy PFPX also.
  13. Under one condition: If you want to use an up to date navigation database, you have to pay a Navigraph account.
  14. Limiting FPS will degrease the frame rate but will solve autogen and blurries issues. Mine is set to 60 (for a non 4K 60 Hz monitor), everything is OK. Maybe my specs are higher than yours?
  15. Try limited FPS (60 or 30) [Display] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 TextureMaxLoad=18
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