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  1. I guess this was asked after my posts regarding PMDG's "effort" at XP. Alan touched up on the crucial points, but to put it bluntly XP has never been a focus of theirs and it came across in the DC-6. It was a half-as(you know what) effort which became a half-a---- product, it's a simple as that. The plane itself at face value is worth maybe $5, if anything they should have paid people to use it. But the point of my post wasn't to bash PMDG. I was mainly saying that most of us in the XP community figured they had already stopped development years ago. That's why I threw in the comparison to that QB announcing his retirement. I was expressing my support for them shifting their main focus to MSFS. I used to use FSX/P3D and know what they're capable of. I also know what they're capable of when they just don't give a da... about a project as well.... it's not pretty and it shows. So, the fact that there will be a serious focus and effort on MSFS is something I will look forward to based on that.
  2. Nah Brock Osweiller or whatever his name is, he was on the Broncos when Manning was there then went to the Texans and just announced his retirement a few weeks ago But, thank you for proving my point from a XP user's point of view. The fact that you don't remember him is essentially how we feel about PMDG announcing that they're no longer developing for XP. They gave us a half-a(you know what) ported plane that no one wanted and was honestly a piece of garbage compared to their standard on FSX/P3D, which I used to use. Most of us assumed they had stopped developing already.as that was a few years ago at this point. So that was the point of my comparison That being said, I also wanted to express my support for their decision to focus on the new sim going forward and I hope more planes are developed from the ground up, as RR said MSFS is a new platform. They're great at many things, but those things are usually the ones where their main focus is. As XP wasn't their main focus and that was reflected on the plane they gave to us on XP. It was their secondary focused and it was clearly a second rate product compared to what I've used in P3D. So, I'm fully supportive of their decision to focus on MSFS
  3. Agreed, PMDG announcing that they're no longer going to develop for XP is the equivalent (If anyone follows the NFL) of the Broncos former QB announcing his retirement a few weeks ago. Basically, "Oh wow, you were still doing the football thing?" I honestly thought they threw in the towel a few years ago. So this announcement really changes nothing for me Anyway, to the point of the thread, this is good news from my point of view. This is the next generation of flight sim, let's get a clean slate, let's move on. It may take some time, but we really don't need any ported over garbage. XP is my preferred sim and I welcome the pure focus on the new sim as I have dealt with PMDG's ported over garbage already and would prefer clean slate models going forward. Be positive :)
  4. Twice... then moved on with my life and continued to not treat this like the best thing that's happened to our species since harnessing fire It looks promising. cautiously optimistic, but things go on as normal.
  5. Yup, just you, enjoy it Will be using the current sim until msfs comes out and is stable. Life goes on
  6. Long time lurker, first time poster Personal impact? None... it's had no impact on me personally other than something that has potential. Life goes on as normal, I'm sitting neutral on this. I think there are plenty of people being too negative, I think there are plenty of people being too positive. I'm going to continue to investing my limited free time into my current sim as I personally find it foolish to stop doing so based on a 2 minute trailer on something that's going to be released sometime within the next 16 months or so. Remaining cautiously optimistic, competition ultimately benefits us, the community, but I'll wait a little bit longer before jumping on the hype train
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