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  1. On 5/2/2022 at 7:01 PM, lacika9614 said:

    Uh ohhh, PMDG accidentally made their landing bug debug video on their youtube channel viewable under certain circumstances. The bit in the video description doesn't instill a lot of confidence that this is going to be fixed quickly unless someone pulls a miracle


    The good thing is that the video was made on April 28th from what I can see and he posted this on April 30th that it could possibly be ready by this weekend. So I'm hopeful for that.

  2. Is anyone else having challenges with some of the gates not working with the pushback toolbar mod? I've found that some of the gates work with the mod and others do not. I've noticed this is the case with the satellite terminal (A13-A22). Using the ATC panel however I can get the gates to work. Other gates at the main terminal seem to work with the mod. Anyone else encountered this?

  3. 3 minutes ago, JRBarrett said:

    I fly into KDTW often in the CRJ. A couple of days ago, I landed on runway 27L for the very first time because the winds were 290 at 30. What I didn’t know is the there is one of the infamous “cracks” running across the runway. It hit it just after touchdown and it threw the aircraft at least 40 feet back into the air. Fortunately, I had crash detection turned off and was able to recover. 

    I believe the dev corrected that in a recent update. I complained of the same issue to them.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Bdub22 said:

    I don't really mind because he usually drops new screenshots of the 737, which is nice to see. I know these things are complex to make and we're getting close. 

    Yeah, but it's usually the same still images over and over. We rarely get to see night time pics, pics on approach with the ILS active, etc..We should've had more videos by now.

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  5. 1 hour ago, threegreen said:

    Did he say anything about time of day?

    Watching his stream today, he didn’t really say a time because he made it sound like if he heard anything it would be tonight, meaning his entire stream would be the 737 tomorrow. He did say he would announce it on his discord and if he didn’t have it tomorrow he would just plan something on the fly (no pun intended). 

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  6. 17 minutes ago, chickster25 said:

    Ever since I loaded the new SU8 update, I am getting some huge micro-stutters.

    Its almost like the game has frozen or crashed, the screen freezes for 3-5 seconds but the game appears to continue as the plane moves whilst the stutter happens.

    I dont think my PC is under any stress as I have an i9-900 and 3090 so my FPS is well within limits. After the stutter the game continues as normal but they probably happen every 5-10 minutes with no apparent reason why....


    btw I am running nvidia drivers 511.79

    Latest drivers are 512.15 - try that and see if it helps. I did a flight today and didn't run into any issues. I'm running a 9900k with a 2080ti.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Ian S said:

    The platform is irrelevant, I am pointing out the support given to the wider flight-sim community.

    So we should ignore his condescending behavior to folks who are new to the community (which he pointed out in the OPs post on his forums) because he is still providing support to multiple platforms? Put the kool aid down friend.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Ian S said:

    Whilst other developers have turned their back on P3D, Virtuali remains committed, engaged and seeks to ensure P3D users continue to get the best out of their FSDT products. Yes, he speaks directly but we are all adults here, we don't need everything sprinkled in fairy-dust. To be frank he shows a lot more patience than I would when people start complaining over issues resulting from their own failure to follow instructions, or in this instance, receiving advice on one forum and then re-posting their same issues on another. Virtuali certainly isn't the jerk here.

    I didn’t know we had drifted into p3d vs MSFS with this conversation? You are correct, MOST of us are adults here and as such, we are entitled to our opinions as you are yours. So we will agree to disagree.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, somiller said:

    It is to you, but his financial life depends on it, so it's not just a "sim hobby" to him.

    Another good reason to be good to the hands that feed you, right? Not sure why asking someone to be a little more respectful when customers ask questions is such a novel concept when really it’s just being a good person.

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  10. 56 minutes ago, Drumcode said:

    We know Umberto for years here and I can guarantee there's no malice in his responses. He's just Umberto 🙂
    I strongly recommend turning down the sensitivity slider a bit. 

    My skin is plenty thick. Just less and less patience to deal with folks who make it their mission to defend every word they say with one condescending post after another. I would also point back to my earlier comment where I said I’ve been here for some time myself. I’m familiar with him.

    Maybe umberto should take some notes from the folks over at FBW, WT, and Hype. They are frequently called out in discord for the same questions over and over. Some are legitimate and others not so much and you know what… every time they reply I see nothing but professionalism and tactful replies because they appreciate their customers and understand each time they reply it reflects their company image. Hence the reason why they are so well respected. That’s class when you can treat each of your customers with respect regardless of how simple or incorrect their comment may be. This is literally business skills 101 and being a good person. I don’t think what I’m asking is all that crazy. I stand by my initial comment that what I see on here and his private forums would imply he’s a bit of a jerk.

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  11. 1 hour ago, virtuali said:

    It's very easy to mistakenly confuse to be always direct, technically accurate and, most of all, sincere with "being a jerk". 

    You won't ever see me using twisted combination of falsely courteous expressions to tell users to basically "!£&/(!& .themselves, but in a way so carefully designed to sound polite and not letting them even realize what you *really* said. That's for people trained in marketing speak, which I'm not, I'm a programmer, which means I'm unable to sound fake-polite, something it's either true or false, and I just put it as it is, regardless how it "sounds", I don't even know how it "sounds", the written world always sounds more direct, rush and rude, especially when written by programmers. But you'll always get honesty from me, but not everybody appreciate it. In fact, people like to be lied to, but in a polite way.

    Speaking about truths and facts: the OP complained about some very minor issues about a couple of taxiways at KORD were "incorrect", which of course they aren't. They were correct when the scenery was made and they match the charts the scenery is supplied with so, you could say they are outdated, not incorrect. That's why I was TRYING to explain one cannot expect a scenery could possibly follow every minor change in the real airports, like a chart subscription service ( which a scenery is not ), and I also said the scenery WILL be updated and, after all of this, the OP came here saying "there's nothing on the horizon", basically the opposite of what I said, as if the MAJOR FREE update we did last year when 9C/27C opened wasn't proof enough we DO keep updating the scenery after release but, again, one cannot expect the same speed as a navdata cycle.

    Umberto, it's your reputation, not mine. If you prefer to make it known you're always right and everyone else is wrong, so be it. Even when you're right, you could learn to be more tactful with your replies. I've been a member of this community for a couple decades (Despite what my profile says) and you always seemed to make sure you have the last word. Maybe others wont say it, but I did... you make a solid product, just a poor attitude. It doesn't take a marketing major to learn how to just be nice to someone. This is a sim hobby after all.... 

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  12. 5 minutes ago, virtuali said:

    If with "after forum posts" you are referring to your demands of the scenery being constantly updated so it could instantly match Navigraph updates you DO pay a subscription for then no, you have been clearly explained that, doing an actual update of a scenery you DO NOT pay a subscription for, is a bit more complex than just paying fees to Jeppesen to release on Navigraph what Jeppesen does anyway.

    And it's strange you'll say "nothing is on the horizon", when you have been explicitly told on our forum that we WILL release other updates in the future, we already did it once, when the runway 9C/27C went into operation so, what reasons you have to doubt we'll update it again ?

    I’ll be the first to admit that I have bought several of your products and enjoy them… but I’m just gonna say it. Reading your replies on here and your forums… you’re kind of a jerk.

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  13. 4 hours ago, sem said:

    The person who uploaded the youtube video (and the custom views on flightsim.to) hosts a renowned flightsim piracy platform on facebook, and sells eula protected models, textures and files for around 15 euros per link. i dont think the guys behind the maddog fully knew this.


    (also why fselite took down the video & article)

    Yikes - that might explain the constant posts on all social media sites including each individual group by this person. I've seen screenshots and links to this video all over facebook by the same person. Seemed a bit much and now it makes sense.

  14. 4 hours ago, DeepestRed said:

    Oh please, spare us the bull-pucky.   You make it sound like there haven't always been at least three tiers of aircraft widely available (ctrl-e-and-go, like Carenado;  mid-market, like Aerosoft; and switch-fetishist, like PMDG), with the most complex only ever being a tiny part of the market.   The Xbox has nothing to do with it -- there is still a demand for planes that satisfy the swtich-fetishist, and with folks like PMDG and Fenix around, that demand is being scratched.   Just Flight planes have rarely if ever reached for that level of fidelity before, so is it at unusual if this one does not either?

    Nope, not really.

    You seem pretty offended by my comment so I'll speak my mind as well because this seems to hit a special nerve with some folks. Whether you agree with my opinion or not, the reality is you're reading my comment in a tone that it wasn't meant for and it's funny, because no one thought to wonder if I own an Xbox? I actually do! And guess what's even better? I have a 12-year old son who uses it for MSFS. Just because I point out that I think a developer is creating a product intended for a specific market doesn't necessarily imply that I think the dev or product is complete garbage. 

    So please sir, spare me your bull-pucky by assuming you think that my comment was intended to downplay the work of the dev. I still stand by what I said and I think you'd be foolish to not agree in some respects.... the market is flooded with devs who have their eye on the Xbox crowd because it's an easy sell and a large market. But I digress and ask that you please understand that just because I feel this product is more intended for the Xbox audience doesn't by itself imply I'm trashing it. 

  15. 20FEB22[ Put this on your calendar for 26FEB22

    Today, 03:26

    As we near product releases, I generally receive a number of interview requests from various streamers/pod-casters/organizations that I eschew in part because I have traditionally been a very private person, and in part because I am certain there are many folks who are far more interesting to listen to than me. For a good portion of the years in which I have run PMDG, I have also been involved in or otherwise held official capacities that were important to keep separate from my "PMDG Hobby" as they wouldn't appreciate me generating any sort of interest from social/online channels. As a result I have become quite accustomed to keeping to myself, except for my presence here at PMDG.

    With the advent of MSFS, the role played by streamers, pod-casters and content creators has fundamentally changed the landscape of how we all see and learn about products in the simming marketplace- and that has me subtly finding ways to participate a bit more frequently in ways OTHER than posts here. I have long been perfectly content to show up in the chat stream on Chewwy's channel, for example, harass him with a bit of good natured ribbing and then move on to whatever I else was doing in my day. (Chewwy is actually a friend, not sure you guys knew that?) Such drive-by-shootings have long been my way to have some fun without actually having to be part of the discussion. rolleyes.png

    Over the past few months I've done a few appearances with folks we know and like. Fabio (TheFlyingFabio on Twitch) and I have been friends for (word not allowed) twenty years or so now? He is a great guy whom I admire personally and professionally so when he asked if I'd jump on his stream with him- I agreed because at least with a stream present, it might give us a reason to limit our conversation to less than three hours. cool.png

    This coming weekend, 26FEB22 at 2000Z, PMDG is participating in a live event hosted by the Flight Simulation Association that I am hoping you will find time to join. The panel discussion will be lead by Laura Laban of Infinite Flight, and will include Kieth Smith of Pilot Edge, Fabio Miguez (the aforementioned TheFlyingFabio of twitch fame) and some guy from PMDG who claims not to enjoy doing such things but always has plenty to say once the mic is hot... confused.png

    I have a running bet with Fabio that Laura doesn't stand a chance of keeping us on time or on-topic, so I promise the event will be entertaining at the very least.

    PMDG have contributed two products to be awarded to active participants. You will have your pick of of any product currently available in the PMDG catalog, to include the soon-to-be-released PMDG 737-700 for MSFS if you win. There are a number of other prizes as well.

    Come on out on Saturday and join us on the stream. Bring popcorn because when you get me and Fabio on the same stream it almost always goes to unexpected places.

    You can join the event right from the PMDG Simulations Official YouTubeChannel, the link is at the bottom of the first page:

    You can also find the links included in the official announcement from FSA is included here below. I hope to "see" you on Saturday!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>=================================== == ============= =======<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Can Flight Sim Impact Real-World Aviation? Win a Thrustmaster Airbus Officer Pack in FSA's Cross-Community Panel Discussion!

    Join the livestream at 2000 GMT on February 26 for Flight Simulation Association's third Cross-Community Panel Discussion. Panelists include Robert S. Randazzo (PMDG), Fabio Miguez (TheFlyingFabio), Keith Smith (PilotEdge), and Laura Laban (Infinite Flight).

    In an emergency, could a flight simmer land an airliner if they had to? How is home flight simulation impacting real-world training today? And what more should we be doing? This Saturday, panelists from PMDG, PilotEdge, Infinite Flight, and 'TheFlyingFabio' will be joined by developers from around the community in a discussion about how consumer flight simulation can impact real flight training.

    The 90-minute livestream is available to everyone, free. All live participants will have multiple opportunities to win more than 20 prizes donated by organizations like Aerobask, Infinite Flight, Laminar Research, PilotEdge, PMDG, SoFly, Thrustmaster and more. The grand prize, drawn at the end of the live event, is a Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition!

    The panel will discuss topics like:
    • What does home flight simulation do well? And what are its limitations compared to full-motion simulators used in real training?
    • How might home flight simulation change real-world aviation training over the next 10 years?
    • What more, if anything, should our community be doing to advance home flight simulation's role as a solution to the industry-wide pilot shortage?

    Everyone is welcome to participate. We encourage pilots and flight simmers to watch the stream live on February 26 at 2000 GMT via Flight Simulation Association, on YouTube, or with any of the participating content creators. If you are a flight simulation developer or a content creator, please reach out to FSA for information on getting involved.

    Win great prizes. Everyone participating live will have the chance to win prizes! There will be multiple prize draws conducted live during the stream.

    Watch with your favorite content creators. We've invited content creators from across the community to host "watch parties'' on their channels. You'll be able to catch the livestream on multiple Twitch and YouTube channels, including with AviationLads, Chewwy94, FSElite, and HeliSimmer.com, and you can listen live on Sky Blue Radio. Several developers will also be hosting a "simulcast" on their social channels.

    Flight Simulation Association: www.flightsimassociation.com
    Stream Link on FSA: https://bit.ly/FebruaryCCP
    Stream Link on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7Bs1qUIiXpg



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