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  1. I've been a PMDG customer since 04' and I'm absolutely stoked for the release of this product for MSFS. With that said, I personally feel that the Q4 deadline is going to be tight for them. Considering we are now in October and they don't yet feel comfortable to show cockpit screenshots makes me feel like they're too far behind. Personally, I'd rather not see them rush the product to the market and have the aircraft right on release rather than making it feel like an early access title.
  2. Something must be up. Someone on Facebook posted about having stutters all of the sudden. I had been using my sim all day with no issues. Got into this evening after my workout and I noticed my mouse was freezing, stutters and what seemed like terrible performance. Checked my temps which were good. Tried another game which was fine. Did a benchmark test and all was good. Wondering if it’s related.
  3. Same problem here. Just started this morning. Was working fine yesterday evening when I did a couple flights. Something is certainly up. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-no-streaming-data-working-photogrammetry-and-bing-maps-just-stopped-working/446586
  4. They've stated they are committed to the sim for the next ten years. I would assume the servers will remain online even after that. At the end of the day though, if they were to shut down the servers, I would assume the sim is mostly useless at that point. Either way, I don't think you have much to worry about.
  5. Not a pissing contest at all. I agreed that you actually made some good points, but I challenged you to elaborate about how the pandemic and quarantines prevented them from fixing code that’s been bugged for a year, but able to release add-ons during that same time frame. That’s all. Cash flow keeps them alive… for now. Another posted made a good point though that 3rd party is what will make is sustainable and that’s more important. With that said, 3rd party devs need a stable product with critical bugs fixed. Hence the reason why FBW had to use their community backing to push an agenda to get the weather APIs for their mod. All is good though. Just healthy conversation.
  6. Good points, but I guess I would ask this. If quarantine and the pandemic are being factored here, the creator of the thread is simply pointing out that bugs from a year ago haven’t been fixed prior to the add-ons… I would’ve thought add-ons would be more challenging to develop during a pandemic than refining bugged code that already existed?
  7. That’s not “my” question.
  8. Link at the bottom of the main post for you to check out. The OP on the official forums made a valid point. Atleast in my opinion.
  9. Haha, I suspect it’s an exaggeration.
  10. What question did “I” ask? My post is directing users to this voting thread who agree that the Q&A is a great opportunity to receive answers about the thread in question. The bullet items are only pointing out some of the common replies that are used more as an excuse than a proper answer to the question in the thread.
  11. At the request of a moderator (unaffiliated with AVSIM) - I would like to remove this post.
  12. I've done several long haul flights with the Salty 747 mod. The problem you'll run into is the sim itself has some degradation issues. Several of my flights have been met with these issues. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/decreasing-performance-throughout-long-flights-since-su5/441568 Otherwise, it's totally flyable on long hauls.
  13. Looks like you’re running away from a volcano in that second pic, lol.
  14. Finished up a flight this morning using the stock 748 from SDF-OMDG. No performance lost during the flight really. I'm going to try one more time with the Salty mod.
  15. Think I'll have to do some more testing on this tomorrow when I get back from my 24 hour shift. I removed everything from my community folder and took the 787 from JFK to Honolulu. Half way over the pacific I turned around and let it fly back over land because I noticed my fps were still doing really well (80+). When I woke up this morning, my fps were still in the 60-70 range and when I got to the ground I was in the 50s. So, with that, it makes me wonder if it was a mod that was causing the issue. I may try the 748 next to see how it does vanilla and then try it with the salty mod afterwards.
  16. I’m running the sim vanilla right now with the 787 from JFK to PHNL. Going to see how it does overnight. Getting 85+ FPS. Will report back in the AM.
  17. I don't run with online traffic so I'm not too sure.
  18. I guess the good news here is that it's easily reproduced which means they should be able to narrow it down pretty quickly. The challenge is getting them to openly admit it's a bug that needs attention and provide feedback. With the Salty mod for the 748 now being something people can enjoy with the most recent update, we'll see more and more of these folks trying to do long hauls and getting frustrated.
  19. Make sure you add this to the thread that's tracking this issue on their forums. With the salty mod out and the ability to actually do these long hauls (For me now anyways), I'd really like to see them figure this out. Great testing! I did some similar things with the same results. By chance did you noticed on approach like I did that the scenery was struggling to load and things improved on final? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/after-playing-a-few-hours-fps-drops-from-40-to-5fps/389603 **Disregard, saw you already posted over there.
  20. Saw the same as far as impact on CPU and GPU. The utilization went down considerably during all of this.
  21. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually have a few programs that run on my second monitor and one of them monitors my CPU and GPU. Everything appeared to be normal. CPU was running a little cooler than expected at 45c and the GPU was at 61c at its hottest.
  22. Nah, I had that disabled already. So that shouldn't have been the issue but thanks for the tip.
  23. Just read your post actually. Sounds like the same issue for sure. I was using the Salty mod with their most recent update for this flight. They need to figure out what’s up with these long hauls for sure. Sorry for the duplicate thread otherwise I would’ve added to yours. Do you notice any improvement like I did after landing?
  24. As the title suggests, there is clearly an issue with performance degradation when doing flights >10 hours. Could be less, but I've only noticed it with these extended flights. There's a thread that was created on April 11th on the official forum. Looking to see if others have run into the same issues with these long haul flights. For me, flying into Dubai this morning, I noticed over the ocean my frames were dipping into the 30s and would rebound after awhile. Approach Dubai, this became more frequent the lower I went until at one point it hit rock bottom around 13 fps! My performance stayed dismal all the way until final approach around 2500' when everything appeared to improve all of the sudden. Some things I noticed approaching Dubai... Heavy pop-in of structures and landscape. Blurry textures Tiles/Grids that remained blurred in the area. I recall seeing similar behavior in p3d during a lengthy flight. Mountains that were morphing Sudden improvement on final approach and afterwards. After landing, my fps returned to complete normal of 80+ and I was able to move around the city without any issues. I've attached some images for reference and a link to the thread in case anyone else wants to help out with votes! >>Click below for the thread<< After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS Arriving Dubai with FPS dropping to 14.... After landing in Dubai you can see my FPS returned to normal Great FPS floating around the city after landing!
  25. Just as a quick update for all, Asobo has acknowledged the issue and logged it as a [BUG]. Team is reviewing it according to Ollie. So that's great news!
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