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  1. Asobo and Microsoft need to have a seat and watch their video from October 2019 to remember exactly what they promised us. Plain and simple. Microsoft Developer QnA | Microsoft Flight Simulator Global Preview Even
  2. You make a very valid point! I remember when those immersion packs came out. I was also really excited when I saw this feature in MSFS… made me excited to think I wouldn’t have to pay for that feature again.
  3. I don’t think that reply from me was meant for you, but still I wanted to make sure I replied. The effect you’re seeing of lights reflecting on the ground isn’t the volumetric lighting I was referring to. The volumetric light that I’m referencing is specifically when you’re flying through the clouds and the light from your strobes/landing lights is reflecting off of those clouds. In the sim, you could previously see this with the strobes very clearly. Sorry if there was confusion about that comment, wasn’t meant for you and was a joke between myself and another simmer. Also, I don’t have anything messaged to me in my inbox. Sorry again for the confusion.
  4. I’m ok with that. A simple explanation from the devs this week would satisfy me. Atleast I hope it’s that easy.
  5. In the sim now with high settings. No volumetric lights. I can verify this by looking at the strobes with no reflection. Do you have any screenshots or a video showing this working?
  6. Can you show some screenshots of it working? Everything on ultra for me and it's not visible.
  7. I just tried UWAs lighting mods for the 208 and didn't see it working. Unfortunately the mod didn't help either, but his pictures do this lighting effect great justice to show that it existed.
  8. I sure hope they didn't think we wouldn't notice. Another simmer on another thread brought up a good point that we will probably see some of these features return as things even out with the Xbox. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case here. I would be curious going forward though why it wasn't included in the release notes if that's the case. My fingers are crossed though that this is just a simple bug.
  9. Ugggh, I really hope that's not the answer Bob! hahaha, I would much rather hear it was just an overlooked element or a bug that needs to be quickly squashed.
  10. No worries - but I'll take your vote if you haven't already voted to help get this issue discussed some more by the devs. I think a lot of us are hoping it's just a simple bug.
  11. My post already shows the link where I've documented this on the official forums, with a bug report sent to Zendesk. This is here to help get traction, which means votes on my topic to hopefully bring this forward for answers. That's why I specifically said, "Help us with your vote".
  12. I absolutely don't understand why this is gone. I'm also not sure how we've missed this. Just happen to notice it yesterday when flying out of Denver for the SNO. They had plenty of active weather in the area and I noticed going through the clouds that I couldn't see my lights bouncing off the clouds anymore. Really hoping this is just a bug.
  13. Should work now. Thank you for pointing that out. This is crazy that we no longer have this as a feature.
  14. One thing I discovered yesterday evening while flying into Vegas is that volumetric lighting is now missing from MSFS! This has been a basic feature that has been available in the sim since launch and before. Volumetric lighting helps immerse pilots when flying through the clouds, especially at night. It was a blast watching the lights bounce off the clouds as my aircraft passed through each cloud. With the most recent update, it's now missing! I know there are many other things we want fixed but I wanted to make sure this was brought forward as well. Seems like many folks were unaware of this (myself included). I've attached some images for reference below. Please use the link to the bug report I've submitted and give a vote so we can bring back volumetric lighting to the sim! I've also verified with several other pilots using a variety of settings that this is not a feature that's simply turned off on my system. Verified through dev settings as well that volumetric effects are active. Really hated seeing this feature get removed. >>>>Help us with your vote<<<< https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bring-back-volumetric-lighting/433577/33 This is how it currently looks! This is how it SHOULD look! Pic is from p3d but is a good representation of volumetric lighting*
  15. Same issue around midnight yesterday flying to KLAS. At FL300 it was +90c and the plane could barely manage.
  16. Get rid of it with this mod. Works great even with SU5. https://flightsim.to/file/9900/no-handle-bar
  17. Thank you for finding that! Very informative and appreciated. Looking forward to that as I think it has a huge impact on performance.
  18. Ok - I’ll see if I can get some time to rewatch it this week. I’m glad to see that’s in the works. Just didn’t catch it. Thx
  19. Just looking for help because I’m not doubting you when I say this. Do you recall specifically where they said that in the last dev stream? I watched it as well but don’t recall that. I’m excited to see that though if you can help point that out… just don’t have time to watch the entire stream again to hear them talking about the panels on a different thread. Thanks!
  20. Little hard to determine which one is which since they are not labeled.
  21. Like I said, I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just a skeptic. I'd also like to know the differences that @Moria15 asked about. Also, are there any side-by-side comparisons instead of just pictures of the new product? I'd love to see a comparison.
  22. That maybe and probably is totally accurate, but it doesn't change the opinion of folks who felt burned by it. Ask CaptainSim (Not comparing REX to CS - just an example.) There's nothing wrong with some hesitation and being an educated buyer. Too often people jump before they think.
  23. In all fairness, and I'm not trying to be disrespectful when I say this... while I don't necessarily agree with every comment he made, I do understand the hesitation. WeatherForce was released with less than satisfactory reception from the community. I personally will keep an eye on the reviews, but I'm hesitant as well. I purchased WeatherForce and I'll be the first to admit I've only used it a handful of times in the last couple months. Again, I mean no disrespect, but trying to offer a view from the other side. Of course, I wish ya'll the best of luck with any endeavor.
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