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  1. 1 hour ago, Kopteeni said:

    Looks like they're aiming for a study level A320. That's insane if they can provide that out of the box.


    1 hour ago, suncoastflyer said:

    I wish them well with the A320. Would be awesome to have a solid jet out of the box. Doesn't need to be down to the voltage, just a normal flight from A to B, but please, impress us if you must!

    Enough with the 'study-level' nonsense. 'If' they can? Of course they can, and they will, and in record time (in comparison with the add-on companies).

    Yes, it does need to be 'down to the voltage'. Everything must be better, and will be better, than everything that was available before.

    It is a new simulator, and the goal is to make it the best flight simulator on the market. Full stop.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Wobbie said:

    Asobo Studio SARL is a video game developer

    They are a GAME STUDIO!! The game will be sold on Xbox.. ACES Gaming Studio developed the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise.. These games were/are sold in  PC game & toy stores, mostly played using gaming controls.

    And? They have scientists and engineers, they are in contact with the aircraft manufacturers, all of them had to fly, and a few in the team were working on getting their PPL (Private Pilot License). They also work and will work with people who have flown for many hours one, a few, most, or all of the aircraft that will be included in MSFS.

    https://twitter.com/swloch Sebastian Wloch flies. The guy in Episode 3: Aerodynamics.
    https://www.linkedin.com/in/martial-bossard-78b2141/ Martial Bossard does too. The guy in Episode 4: Cockpits.

    Microsoft hired and hires the right people, not 'randoms'.

    The military uses game controllers too. Does that make anything they do, a 'game'?

    MSFS does and will have support for many input devices. And since they will continue working on MSFS for at least 10 years after its release. I can say with certainty that input devices with haptic technology are supported or will be supported too.

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  3. 2 hours ago, buskras said:

    Simulator is a sub-category of games.

    Aerowinx is not a game. Simulators are simulators, and games are games. A software product could be both.

    In the case of MSFS, from https://www.flightsimulator.com/june-20th-2019/:

    "We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR."

    @Concodroid The people who call it a game have no knowledge about these things, and are interested in having opinions instead of wanting to learn all the things they know nothing about or very little about.

    Opinions do not matter, only the facts matter.

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  4. @Superdelphinus

    About the number of computer hardware component combinations.

    CPUs: Intel and AMD.

    GPUs: Intel, nVIDIA, and AMD.

    Motherboard chipsets: Intel and AMD.

    System firmware: UEFI.

    There are computer standards that must be complied with.

    There are quite a few people who believe that MS hired 'randoms' to make the new FS.

    No. They hired people who know what they are doing. Full stop.

    22 hours ago, carbonbasedlifeform said:

    MS will have professional beta testers right?

    Professional software testers.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Superdelphinus said:

    Erm, yes. I think the fact they are doing at least a tech alpha test suggests they need to test some things. You know like practically every piece of software released ever. 

    It’s not about needing any expertise, it’s purely testing lots of different hardware configurations, streaming performance (presumably) and having many more eyes looking out for bugs, for free, in my opinion.

    "Tech Alpha test"? The word "test" cannot be found anywhere in the Development Roadmap.

    Why do you believe that they need testers that are not Microsoft employees?

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